A Sale!

Everyone says I’m cheap. I don’t like that term, and frugal just sounds like you’re trying to be nice about being cheap, but it’s really just as mocking. I prefer the phrase “careful spender”. My husband is gainfully employed, and my job is to nag him for overspending so I can pay the bills. I don’t like the word nag either, so let’s just say I “angrily harass”.

I wasn’t fully aware of this until recently, when my pride in buying this nice blue peacoat for a fraction of what every store wanted for it. It was awesome, a nice expensive looking coat for $30? I’ll take it, and it’s in my favorite color. In bragging about the deal, my father seemed that I even spent that much, noting that “knowing how cheap you are, you only spent $15.” I think I was more upset of the idea I could’ve gotten it for $15, than he called me cheap. Not cheap, father. I’m a “careful spender”. If I say it enough, it’ll catch on. Positive thinking, here I come.

I really just wanted to look nice for Tom’s work party. Unfortunately for me, I’m not used to caring what anyone else thinks about how I look or any of that vanity stuff. It’s not really my thing; I like to do whatever I want. That’s a fine scenario except that when you get married, and now you’re a reflection of your husband. So, now it’s a matter of stuffing myself in a nice outfit and show off how graceful and charming I am. I did find a nice outfit, not expensive and definitely rewearable. Then I found shoes that would just complete it, and I saw they were $60. That was the sale price. It made me feel silly that I agonized over the price, and then every other boot was double it. Sucking up a high heel for $60 less than the other boots? Fine, but I can’t rationalize spending $60 on shoes. I damn near cried of confusion when Tom bought me a nice $120 pair of North Face snow boots. Then part of me had to laugh, those $60 boots cost more than the rest of the entire outfit.

So what if I do grueling research before buying something to make sure I get the best deal? I can’t be the only one. I consider it a skill that I bought 2 prom dresses one year and it only totaled $100. Those dresses looked awesome. I think there’s a talent involved in looking more expensive than you paid, because we live in a world where superficial things like that matter. And I have to say, video games are more awesome free. (I love you Dragon’s Nest.) So keep this in mind, husband. When you buy me that new iPod I bet you’re going to for Christmas, get it on sale. I can see the bank account now.

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