A Sale!

Everyone says I’m cheap. I don’t like that term, and frugal just sounds like you’re trying to be nice about being cheap, but it’s really just as mocking. I prefer the phrase “careful spender”. My husband is gainfully employed, and my job is to nag him for overspending so I can pay the bills. I don’t like the word nag either, so let’s just say I “angrily harass”.

I wasn’t fully aware of this until recently, when my pride in buying this nice blue peacoat for a fraction of what every store wanted for it. It was awesome, a nice expensive looking coat for $30? I’ll take it, and it’s in my favorite color. In bragging about the deal, my father seemed that I even spent that much, noting that “knowing how cheap you are, you only spent $15.” I think I was more upset of the idea I could’ve gotten it for $15, than he called me cheap. Not cheap, father. I’m a “careful spender”. If I say it enough, it’ll catch on. Positive thinking, here I come.

I really just wanted to look nice for Tom’s work party. Unfortunately for me, I’m not used to caring what anyone else thinks about how I look or any of that vanity stuff. It’s not really my thing; I like to do whatever I want. That’s a fine scenario except that when you get married, and now you’re a reflection of your husband. So, now it’s a matter of stuffing myself in a nice outfit and show off how graceful and charming I am. I did find a nice outfit, not expensive and definitely rewearable. Then I found shoes that would just complete it, and I saw they were $60. That was the sale price. It made me feel silly that I agonized over the price, and then every other boot was double it. Sucking up a high heel for $60 less than the other boots? Fine, but I can’t rationalize spending $60 on shoes. I damn near cried of confusion when Tom bought me a nice $120 pair of North Face snow boots. Then part of me had to laugh, those $60 boots cost more than the rest of the entire outfit.

So what if I do grueling research before buying something to make sure I get the best deal? I can’t be the only one. I consider it a skill that I bought 2 prom dresses one year and it only totaled $100. Those dresses looked awesome. I think there’s a talent involved in looking more expensive than you paid, because we live in a world where superficial things like that matter. And I have to say, video games are more awesome free. (I love you Dragon’s Nest.) So keep this in mind, husband. When you buy me that new iPod I bet you’re going to for Christmas, get it on sale. I can see the bank account now.

What I did on Black Friday

I slept. Oh I slept right through the crazy lines and supposed sales. I slept and it felt damn good in my nice heated bed while my husband also snored away. I regret nothing, and I laugh at the idea that other people were awake in the cold while I slept oh so well. Did I mention it felt damn good?

I hate the mall. I think I’d hate the mall much more at 1 a.m. with a bunch of savings crazy nut jobs run around as if they own the world because they were too stupid to spend the time sleeping. No wonder they act as manic as they do, the idea of forgoing one of life’s more precious resources with the idea of saving $10 on a present their kid will love the box more than the gift. It’s worse this time of year, because normally you can time it to avoid masses to get what you need done without an idiot running you down. Oh and the kids! You deserve the look of shame I know I’m not the only one giving you, with allowing your kid to run around unattended. I also laugh when they realize their kid made it halfway across the mall without you even realizing it. Yes, I laugh. You deserve it; teach them to act properly in public.

I don’t feel the need to run out to the mall on Black Friday. Thanks to Steam, Slickdeals.net, and Amazon, I can avoid any rush or need to give up sleep to save money. I especially love slickdeals.net and Steam, with a special love of Steam and their daily sales on video games. Do I want to buy this awesome game for 50%-75% off? I sure do, Valve. Thank you.

Best of all? I don’t have to worry about buying gifts at the mall. The extra bonus is… I get to sleep. I get to sleep a very long time and wake up and post bragging about how I slept right through the sales and will probably end up better off than the people who gave up sleep and time with their family. Bragging doesn’t cover it; I’m gloating while very well rested. And I got Spyro’s Skylanders Start Pack for $39 with free shipping, while the store listed it for $69.99 before taxes. Oh yes, I did win.