And I Laughed

I admit it; I have a guilty pleasure of watching TLC reality shows. Not all, but some. It’s not for the reason you’d think, I don’t watch it for tear jerkers that only fake reality shows can give you. Wait, did I say fake reality shows? Just making sure, there’s nothing truly real about reality shows. Well the money the stars off them make is real, but don’t lie to me and say there’s nothing scripted.

I watch them because to me, they have more comedic value than most sitcoms. I have no doubt that this is a result of me being an incredibly mean-spirited and judgmental person. I can’t make it through 19 Kids and Counting without face palming. Not to insult what they do, I deeply admire them for sticking to their beliefs no matter how screwed up the rest of the world thinks they are. In fact, they broadcast it knowing that most people watch it in disbelief. They do it anyways, and I admire them more for that than anything else. I still think that they very much resemble a crazy cult, but who am I to say anything.

Just when I think TLC can’t get any crazier comedy after letting me see a man who uses polygamy to sleep around in a morally conscious way and a woman who has more kids than most classrooms, I watched in awe when I saw “The Virgin Diaries” on the cable guide. I’ll admit, I saw a preview and I got giddy. More so to prove how much my husband and I are completely the same, he was just as giddy as I was. Yes, we sat down with snacks and watched the show. And I laughed, I laughed hard.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with people who save themselves for marriage. That kind of willpower is admirable. While I’d rather test drive the car before buying it, I won’t judge people for something as personal as a decision like that. That doesn’t mean I can’t watch a show about you and laugh. It wasn’t the virginity that amused me. It was the people; I think TLC purposely gets the most ridiculous people to star in their specials. It wasn’t all the people in the episode I laughed at, but I was in tears at the married couple. They saved their first kiss for the wedding, as well as their virginity. Sweet, until you saw the awkward first kiss. I covered my eyes, feeling that this wasn’t an image I would forget anytime soon. I was right, so very right. It was like watching my dogs lap up water from their bowls, drool and everything. Then, they kept kissing in the same fashion, and I laughed quite hard. I laughed for hours; I even jokingly kissed my husband in the matter for extra hilarity. Even now, the day after, I’m still laughing at that image.

I know I’m a terrible person.  But, I blame this all on TLC. If they didn’t put people like that on air, I wouldn’t display the worst of the person I could be. This post probably wouldn’t exist if I didn’t witness half the ridiculous things that channel shows. I still watch though, and I feel guilty for that. For watching the shows, not for the reaction I have to them.

One thought on “And I Laughed

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