It’s Coming!

I can hardly contain my excitement: the royal baby is coming! The news makes me so warm and fuzzy on the inside. This was amazing to wake up to.  I couldn’t think of better and more interesting news to see when I first opened up my lovely Firefox window and it was plastered everywhere! It’s not everyday someone gives birth you know, especially not a royal heir to the throne! Get on the celebration throne, kiddos. The Duchess is having, and this is solely my prediction, a royal Highness! Though I’m upset she only traveled to the hospital by car. Someone of this importance should have done something awesome like helicoptering in. That would’ve been awesome.

Over the top with the sarcasm? Probably. The media has been sitting outside of a hospital for weeks now for this event. I’m not sure if that’s great journalism or extreme obsession. I feel sorry for her having to worry about glorified paparazzi sitting outside of her hospital while she’s in labor. Though I stop feeling so bad when I remember that the baby will be born royalty and they are filthy rich.
But you do have to sympathize with her. We all worry about whether we should get an epidural or the breastfeeding debate. She has to worry about it and how the whole world watching will judge her decisions with the same level of critique as they discuss her wardrobe. Even worse, those crazy people who belittle people who dare feed their babies formula will expect her to use this as a platform for their agenda.

I do wish her luck and happiness, as children are always a blessing and she seems to be genuine and down to earth. I just feel bad that she can’t enjoy this moment without having to worry about press releases and over-zealous media hoping for their first shot of her and the baby. I hope that child gets a little more freedom away from cameras than American celebrity babies get. I also hope I can enjoy a “Royalty” free life for at least a little while. There was a reason for the Revolutionary War.

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