I Have No Thigh Gap, and I’m Okay

I keep seeing this talk about thigh gaps. I looked down, and I saw nothing but curvy thighs, and then I shrugged it off and had some pizza. I gained a few pounds on account of new medication, and now sit on the scale around 130lbs, up about 10lbs from before I was switched to this medicine. Still, 130lbs around my 5’3″ frame is actually still within the healthy range. Plus, I consider that an incredible feat considering I popped out 2 children and have a seemingly unbeatable pooch, as well as weighing around just over 200lbs when I was pregnant with my most recent bundle of joy.

Still, I see people talk about their gap like it’s a bragging right over people without one. As if they are part of an exclusive club that makes them better than me. News flash: it doesn’t. Would I rather a thigh gap or the ability to enjoy that bowl of ice cream that I want, or that heavily greasy and cheesy pepperoni pizza that makes me drool just thinking about it? I choose to enjoy my greasy and sugary indulgence, and I am quite okay with my choice. As long as I work out daily, as I do, and keep my weight at a reasonable and achievable but healthy goal, I don’t care that I have wide hips and thicker thighs. Because I’ve had them my entire life. I can thank genetics for them, and I refuse to stress out about something that I may not be able to change. Because I like me. And my husband doesn’t complain, and quite frankly that’s the only opinion that moderately matters to me.

So you can enjoy your thigh gap, because the trend will die out, and you will realize that you were just genetically blessed or you missed out on enjoying simple things in life. I will wear my big thighs, my 2 baby pooch, and my stretch marks with pride, because I’m 31 years old and I left high school long ago. Not that I cared too much what people thought of me then, either. Until my doctor, who I pay to make sure that I stay healthy, tells me to fix something, I’m going to keep doing what I do. I’m going to make sure that I’m healthy, because that’s what matters. Not how I look. Not anything but staying long enough to raise my family and be there for their kids, and if I’m lucky, their kids’ kids.

Next time someone tries to shame you for what you eat or how you look, remember that. Your parents were right when they told you that people who pick on you for things like that is really  just over-compensating for some deficiency in their life. Don’t compare yourself to supermodels or celebrities: they have personal trainers and nannies and personal chefs/dietitians to keep them looking that good. You’re setting yourself up for failure, that will eventually lead you to give up on meeting whatever fitness goals you may have. My goal? I just want to get back down to where I was before the medicine. Which is still a healthy and achievable weight, just one that I feel more comfortable with. No man wants a stick figure.

2 thoughts on “I Have No Thigh Gap, and I’m Okay

  1. feliciasingh says:

    i wouldn’t say we are missing out on enjoying the ‘simple’ things in life by avoiding high fat, calorie bomb foods like the ones you are choosing (yes choosing) to eat. some people value the appearance of their bodies as well as what they put into it more than others and you thinking that we are better than you for doing so speaks to your own insecurities and issues.

    I love my thigh gap and my body that I worked hard for and it makes me feel a billion times better than the temporary satisfaction of a pizza or greasy meal, which actually makes me feel like crap.

    Also, I’ll have you know that the majority of men aren’t complaining about the stick figure models and celebrities that get paid millions because so many men lust after them.

    there’s nothing wrong with wanting a thigh gap and you don’t have to starve or be unhealthy get one. some people are born with them (genes) but many others don’t just use their genes as an excuse to pig out. you should look up the fb page the thigh gap hack and see that you aren’t locked into the body that you have currently.

    i hope this doesn’t offend you, it was not my intention but i’m tired of the thigh gap hate and people who justify that hate by acting like us girls with thigh gaps are forcing one down their throats because we value them.


    • azulazure13 says:

      I appreciate the comment! I am not offended, as it often requires a lot to do so. You are merely discussing your opinions as to why you disagree, and the great thing about where we live is that we have that opportunity to disagree freely. I don’t hate people with them, I feel people should be free to love their body however they look. All that matters is as people, that we are comfortable in our own skin and happy with our choices.


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