The Saga Continues

I just have to keep saying to myself that things will work as intended. In a month, we’ll be living in our well deserved and hard-earned home that we worked hard to get. I don’t just mean “hard work” as in the work put in to provide a paycheck to provide a better life for our family.  I also mean the hard work to get to the point we are now, after the grueling process of finding a home we love. Getting married wasn’t half the stress this is.
After the fiascos of last week, things seem to be taking a more positive turn this week since Friday. On Friday, we received more paperwork from the loan officer to sign our lives away. We’re hoping this is a positive sign that the cash gift wasn’t going to screw us over. On Saturday we handed over our deposit and signed the Purchase agreement for the house. The inspection has been rescheduled until tomorrow with hopefully better results than last week. And the house is no longer on, so maybe things are starting to turn around for us.
We probably won’t hear whether or not we’ll be approved for the loan until the appraisal, so we get to wait nervously for that. But first, we have to pass this inspection before we can even worry about how picky our loan underwriter is. After that, we can pace around hoping everything just works out. People do less and get more, so this should work out for us. At least, I hope so…
Until then, my body seems to be caving into this stress. The feeling of heart attacks and the pain of muscle knots in my back have sidelined my work out routine at a time I find myself stress eating. Luckily my metabolism seems to have kicked itself up so this hasn’t hindered anything too much. Just a month. I just need to last this month. Then I can start stressing about staying in the house without living off ramen for the rest of our lives. I’m hopeful that we will be okay. It’s exciting to get close to the end of this journey.

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