From Here We Can Only Go Up?

This is becoming such a roller coaster of emotions. First, we bid and lost the house. Then we and won the house. Then there was everything in between of conflicts and arguments. We thought it was going to be a smooth road after winning the bid but as Wednesday’s post showed, we hit a bump in the road with the down payment gift.

We have documentation that makes everyone but my husband and I more confident that our loan will be approved. We are very cautious about getting as confident as they are because it has been our experience that whatever can go wrong probably will. We’ll wait patiently but nervously until we hear back. Whatever will happen, will happen. Until then, we can at least make sure that the inspection can go well.

Wrong. We arrived to the inspection about 5 minutes late but we figured that the inspector would start outside. When we got to the house, we discovered that only the realtor was there with a look of anger. She was making phone calls, and informed us the inspector had yet to show up. After the realtor made several phone calls, she called the seller’s agent to get us the contracts to sign so maybe it wasn’t a waste. After 2 tried to email it, our realtor decided the inspector stood us up. We all agreed to go back to the office to sign our contracts. Easy enough, right?

Again, you would be wrong. The seller’s agent, who was apparently too inept to email the contracts to begin with, sent the contract in such a way that even my computer technician husband couldn’t figure out how to print it out. After nearly an hour of attempting this contract thing, we decided to call this waste of a day. My realtor looked as frustrated as we did and felt terrible that nothing worked out and offered to buy us dinner.

All these things are compiling into either a huge list of bad omens or making us go crazy to really appreciate the house when we get it. I suppose I do always say that anything worthwhile never comes easy. Maybe things will work out. Maybe not. But until we find out, we can cross our fingers and hope for the best. What’s meant to be, will be.

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