Houses, Careers… and Toddlers?

This month is going to be an overload of changes for my family. I’m lucky that I enjoy unpredictability and thrive in unknown situations, because I am trekking onward at full speed. I feel as though I’m being too calm about everything, which I’m not sure if the cause is my usual logical collective self or because my husband is anxious enough for the both of us. It’s probably the first choice since I do face major life decisions in a logical manner and not emotionally. I did only agree to actually get married, rather than be that forever engaged couple, by having my husband reason that it was wise financially to take the plunge as health insurance would be cheaper than two separate policies. I’m such a romantic.

The first major change in our lives this month is the graduation of our oldest child. Granted it’s a 5th grade graduation, but it’s a sad reminder that the cute years are over and now the stormy teenage years are quickly approaching. It’s amazing to see the young man he is becoming and I feel that I gave him a good set of values to start with and instilled at least a good work ethic in school and sports. I just have to cross my fingers that I did enough to make sure that he makes it through middle school and high school remembering everything we taught him. It’s scary to send him off with a school full of hundreds of hormonally imbalanced preteens and teens, but I’m trying to remain confident that he’s ready. He’s confident in his abilities and stubborn to remain himself no matter what. That eases my mind a little, at least.

The next major change is (hopefully) the move. From all the recent posts, you all know this journey wasn’t an easy one on my sanity. The inspection was no exception to this. If you recall Wednesday’s post, the inspection was supposed to take place yesterday which was a Thursday. Now I know you’re thinking, “oh no, the inspector didn’t show again?” Rest assured, the inspection did take place. On Wednesday. Not Thursday, but Wednesday. As in I get a call from my husband saying “The inspection started 20 minutes ago, how quickly can you get there?” But, isn’t it tomorrow?  Nope, a miscommunication occurred and we were unprepared. After rushing anxiously, we arrived and luckily there was nothing majorly wrong with the house. There are a few support beams that need to be fixed, treatment of termites, and non-grounded outlets that need to be fixed. Though the fixes seem easy and cheap enough, we’ll still make an attempt to get the seller to take care of it for us. The asbestos tiles in the kitchen will need to be torn up and replaced, and the stove they were kind enough to leave doesn’t work. It was a no brainer that we are still moving forward, because that neighborhood and schools at that price was unbeatable. Now, we wait nervously for the appraisal and home that everything moves forward without anymore hiccups. The underwriter scares me because of the whole “cash gift” thing, but we deserve a break after everything that has gone wrong for us during this process. Hopefully we still close on the 28th, in only 21 short days.

Finally, I upgraded my Wacom Bamboo to the Intuos. I’ve decided to go ahead with plans to launch a web comic. I know that with a toddler at home and this process of home buying and moving and my other writing obligations, I’m over-filling my plate. This is especially considering my hubpages site remains untouched due to time constraints. I’m hopeful that the new home will be more conducive for working, especially working while staying at home with a very “active” toddler, so I can accomplish everything and keep up with my freelancing contracts. The only reason I can maintain this blog is because my Note II is large enough to work on and WordPress’ app is easy enough to use while running laps chasing said toddler. My estimations also count that setting up the comic and website will probably take over a month, which is perfect timing to launch another new site while fixing up a house and moving. Right? I will be sure to keep everyone up to date on the comic as I move forward with it.

Taking life in stride is important. You can’t control scheduling errors or anything else. My realtor told my inspector that I was a “that’s okay kinda gal” when I showed up frantically as she apologized. It’s true, but because life is way too short to stress over everything, not for a lack of care. And I was saving that for something going wrong with the inspection. The next chapter of this saga will be our journey fixing up the house and moving, assuming the appraisal and loan approval go through as they should. I hope you’ll continue to join me on this train and most importantly, I hope that I helped readers through their experiences.

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