The Monday Hodgepodge

As a result of nothing really worth an entire blog about, I offer mini points of discussion for the day. Between a discussion of news from the weekend and personal developments, there is a few points I’d like to make on each topic. So here is what there is to say.

First, I will start with the announcement of my first physical book and latest e-book release. My Mother’s Eulogy is now available in Kindle format or in hardcover form on This has also caused me to create an author page on Facebook, which you can feel free to just click the like page: . This is very exciting, as I feel this is the first big step in accomplishing my dreams. I have more left to do, with 2 plays I’m currently working on and laying out ideas for my next book. I’ll keep everyone informed of those.

And lastly, in the world of politics. On the Sunday shows, it was toyed around with how the law in Arizona was about freedom of religion not it being anti-homosexual. That opens it all up to skinheads declaring racism as their religion, so “whites only” here. Is it even really religious freedom if the only religion allowed to practice freely is Christianity? Just wondering where the spaghetti monster churches are or if the absence of a religion should be seen as an insult. I want to see more Pagan landmarks. And we can’t forget about the Satanists. Oh… and on the grounds of religious freedom, sacrifices should be 100% okay. Because we have freedom of religion in good ol’ ‘Merica.

This is all I’ve got for you. The weekend of news was as exciting as the Oscars were. So check out my author page link on the side and like me on Facebook. You’re probably just wasting time during your lunch break anyways. Or wasting your work day away. Either way works.

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