Just When Things Were Going So Well

I told my husband that things were going too well for us. We’re not the world’s luckiest people, and we’ve decided long ago that fate wasn’t exactly on our side. Whenever good things happened to us, it was like driving a car with failing brakes. For a while you’re happy and things go well, and then suddenly everything gives out and crashes and all you can hope for is to survive it. We are survivors, and more importantly, we are fighters. We fight to get what we want in life and we’re willing to put whatever effort in that we need to do so. For us, nothing good comes easy. The weird thing is that we’re entirely okay with this. Nothing is worth it if you just have it handed to you. What’s the fun in not being able to put up a fight for yourself?

And so it happened with this house. It will be a sign if we come out of this ahead but a bad omen for the inspection this afternoon. We were given a gift of $5000 for the down payment of the house. We were told we were going to get this and informed everyone we spoke to that this was happening. You would they would mention something like “don’t accept cash”, right? Or in that first time home buyers class maybe? Or in any of the information that was given to us? Maybe we’re not as intelligent as we thought we were. For anyone else out there who might get a gift to help with your down payment: get a check or you might get your loan denied on account you might be a drug dealer or terrorist. It’s too late to fix this so we just have to hope for the best when the underwriter gets his or her hand on our application. It was going so well with everything coming in under budget and all…

There’s still the inspection hurdle to also get over. I’m not afraid of the appraisal because I can’t imagine the city assessing the house that much higher than it’s worth. The inspection is a little worrisome, as the section we’re moving to has very sandy dirt which is ideal for termites. This worries me because if there is damage, it might be a deal breaker. Everything that was in the eyesight of my very capable “handyman” brother, was seen to be in excellent condition. That makes me feel confident things will be okay today, just the ideal of spending $1000 on termite repairs and spray isn’t something that makes me very hopeful this will work out.

I’ve taken a stance on this: if it was meant to happen, it will. It worked out for when I said it about my husband, so we’ll see how it works out now. The house already came back to us once, so that has to be a sign. If not, it’s a cosmic joke and we’ll see it’s a sign that there is something better out there. At least, I hope that this is what it means, otherwise it means that whatever entity that is out there that controls whatever hates me. We will see how this works out, and cross our fingers to hope for the best.

One thought on “Just When Things Were Going So Well

  1. Good luck!
    I’m also in the middle of a real estate hunt: http://helloscarlettblog.com/2014/05/21/catch-the-wind-in-donovan/



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