Once upon a time, my husband said to my oldest son “one doesn’t buy Mexican food; we merely rent it”. We all laughed, because sometimes the most disgusting of jokes are hilarious. Yesterday, my son begged for Taco Bell and we obliged him. It was his last day home, why not just get a taco box and volcano nachos for him? We did, and my son did enjoy every bit of his tacos, like he normally would. They relaxed and watched zombie movies, and then he brushed his teeth and went to bed. Or at least pretended to on the couch, while my husband and I watched TV.

My son always reminds me of what my husband said about Mexican food every time we get it for him. He will leave the bathroom and enter into the living room and says “Mom, the rent just ran out.” Every time I partly cringe, but mostly laugh. It’s disgusting, you’re welcome for the information. He says hilarious things all the time, it’s what kids do. I end up just calling them “Dylanisms”, though you never fully get the idea unless you see his facial expressions while he says them.

Remember this, even while your child is still a baby in diapers: children are characters.  I often thing that their main purpose in childhood is to entertain us. They can get away with saying whatever comes across their mind, because no one really expects a 4-year-old to have the sense of what’s socially acceptable to say out loud. I’m actually very jealous of this ability they have, though honestly it doesn’t seem to stop me. While you’re sitting with a crying baby at 3 a.m., it’s hard to imagine that it could get better from here. It does, I promise. (Though at the risk of being hated by every mother, I lucked out twice and my baby’s are pretty well-tempered. They don’t get it from me.) Even at 3 months, my baby son shows the same personality my eldest one has. Silly, with a bit of serious business. Even mannered, and smiley. And, enjoys his sleep as much as his father does.

So when things seem like they will never end, the crying will never stop nor will the endless stream of poop diapers to clean up, you should remember that every reaction you have to them might very well shape their future. Sometimes all it takes is a deep breath instead of a bad attitude, and you get a smiley baby that grows up into a fine young adult. And then that fine young adult will announce every time he “blows it up” and you can shake your head in laughter and disgust. That’s the best part of being a parent.

2 thoughts on “Dylanisms

  1. Don Burr says:

    Soon, you’ll have to do a blog post about “This is a really nice place. I have had SO much here, but I wouldn’t hide my shoes so we couldn’t go.” :p


  2. […] I learned from the first post about Dylanisms (see: http://www.bluishoblivion.com ), people like to hear funny “kids say the darndest things” stories. It’s true, […]


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