Eviction Day

My husband and I declared today “Eviction Day” for our little fetus that just doesn’t want to be born. Maybe he had it too nice here, because we all know how difficult it will be for him outside his current home. I feel bad he gets to be fed on command, his poop cleaned, and to sleep whenever he wants for how long he wants.
Today he’ll be induced, so he’s coming whether he likes it or not. I learned some things about inductions during this process. There are definitely perks, like being able to make sure you’re 100% packed and ready to head to the hospital rather than rushing around last minute praying you didn’t forget something. Then you can get to the hospital with the expectation you’re going to have a baby, rather than the frustration of being sent home. Of course, you get to pass on the fears of “I hope we make it on time”.
It wasn’t until today I learned the biggest negative of the induction: you get to over think it. You get to spend the whole week until the big day reading every bit of information you can about the process. You read the negative experiences and the positives and worry. When you go in on your own, or at least my first time, I was more focused on the pain than worrying about what was about to happen. There’s also that pesky clock watching, counting down until the appointment time. For the record, we’re at the 5 hour mark.
Either way, within the next day or two, there will be a baby boy causing quite the commotion in our lives to add in our little testosterone overloaded family. My life will be overrun with men, but they’ll be my men. All that matters is if we’re all in good health.

One thought on “Eviction Day

  1. JCairo says:

    Congrats! Can’t wait to read all about it =)


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