If You Think You’re Going Near Me With That, You’re Crazy.

Too often, I use things I see on television on either commercials or looking up from my book and seeing a reality show on. This leads me again to comment about those reality shows I come across. Let’s face it, some reality shows are more entertaining than most sitcoms because they are more bizarre than some of these screenwriters can even come up with. Like who would every dream up a storyline like the Carrot episode of “1000 Ways to Die”, which I have to say was one of my favorites.

My first case in point leads me to My Strange Addiction. I think they should rename this show to “Natural Selection At Its Finest”. I’ve seen commercials where someone will drink nail polish and another where someone drank gasoline. Does my first thought when I see this make me feel empathetic to the person who’s addicted to it? No, it really doesn’t. My first thought ends up at “something really bad needs to happen to that person for being so dumb”. I proved that point when I did watch and episode where someone used to sleep with a hair dryer on, and her daughter picked up on that habit. That’s what I call “inherited stupidity”. That’s why its natural selection, if you’re dumb enough to drink something like gasoline or nail polish, I hope for the sake of children everywhere that you don’t reproduce. Yes, I’m aware how judgmental and insulting this sounds, but also note I’m aware that I’m writing this with a sarcastic snicker and I don’t care.

Next brings me to these birthing shows I’ve had caught my eye more now than before. Thankfully, they reiterated a point today I’m standing by. First note: I’m not opposed to pain medicine during labor. To be graphic since the harsh language is appropriate in this case, that shit hurts. You should be a saint doing it naturally, trust me I know. They had an up-close shot of a woman getting an epidural and I thought “holy crap, if they think they are getting near me with that, them people are crazy.” It reinforced that having a needle stabbed in my spine that could paralyze me is something I will pass on and allow someone else to get it. Seriously, one slip and bad things happen, I’m not risking that because I have crap luck as it is. I don’t judge if you want it done, you can have it. I’ll just take my chances.

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