Did The Government Shut Down?

With this government shut down, I can honestly say in my daily life I can’t tell anything ever happened. The new keeps telling me how awful or how nonexistent the effects are to the average American. Realistically, I think that the shut down will cost more to start-up after the stalemate between partisan egos end. If they end. I lied; this does have an effect on my daily life. My headache has gotten worse, as has my feelings of apathy towards those in office. The new organizations can’t decide how or if this even matters. As I said in my last post, one of the things that we have noticed is that we didn’t notice departments of government shut down which makes me wonder if they were even necessary to begin with.

Now I keep hearing about how death benefits are being denied to our soldiers. That’s abhorrent. Loathsome. Disgraceful. But while our politicians are feigning outrage over this, how much money is going into their own personal care that could easily be given to these soldier’s families? How much does that gym cost? For the record, it doesn’t look like half of them even use it. So how much does it cost for the congressional gym not to be used, or to have their hair perfectly styled and their shoes sparkly shined? Don’t act like Obama is a villain over this from your high horse, while you’re enjoying benefits at the cost of tax payers while people are suffering. News flash: you’re all whiny entitled brats that think American’s are stupid enough to think one party is at fault here. Okay, I’ll give you that a great majority of America is too stupid to realize that you’re all against us. I’m onto your treachery.

Then there is the debt ceiling. One side has reached out to another, “let’s compromise”. Compromise is for adults, and last I check all you elected people are acting more like children than my own children. I have a prediction. This is how the “compromise talks” will go: “Get rid of Obamacare”. “No”. “I mean it, it’s gone or else”. “I dare you”. Then the shut down happens. Oh.. shoot, we were talking about the debt ceiling, weren’t we? You all need to grow up. We elected you to do a job, and you all suck at it. If we sucked at our jobs, we wouldn’t get paid and we would get fired. This needs to apply to our elected officials too. I can fix this political debate. Congress should get paid minimum wage, should get to follow every law they pass without exception, they should have to go through with reviews from their bosses (ie: constituents.), and they should have to pay for their grooming and gym themselves like the average American has to. And if we don’t like them, we should be able to fire them on the spot instead of waiting for them to buy their elections. Maybe it’s time we show those in power that the American citizens are their bosses and they need to answer to us.

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