Where Did They Go?

There comes a moment in everyone’s life where they hit a realization that they have dreaded. They deny it, but denial only gets you so far. You could try to fight it, but somehow it always wins. Or you could make a huge joke about it, and let everyone laugh with you.

The other day, I sat in front of a 5lb. container of pretzels I had recently opened. I looked at this container in horror as I saw that it was almost empty. I shrugged off my feelings of “holy cow, where did they go?”, and rationalized that everyone else had also been eating them and it was a week or two ago since we bought them. That was the denial stage. I looked down at my growing stomach in sadness of what I had just done to myself and thought that maybe I should avoid the snack aisle just in case. I suppose you could call that the “fight it” phase.

Then, there was the realization that it’s just easier to laugh about it. Like when you open a large jar of 20 pickles and the next thing you know your husband is laughing because you just ate them all. Yes, this is where we all laugh. At first, I wanted to cry. I couldn’t help it; I just needed to eat them. You always get further laughing about it though, and I laughed that maybe the baby just really loves them. Ok, maybe this could be considered denial by passing blame off to a fetus that can’t defend itself.

I’ve said it before; you never truly understand the feeling of “feeling fat” until you are either pregnant or morbidly obese. When I get back my skinny but to pre-baby size, I vow never to utter the words “I feel fat” ever again. Yes, I will work out every little hour of the day I can because I will get back to it. Until then, I will eat all the jars of pickles and pretzels I want. And I will enjoy every laugh second of it, because I’m pregnant and I can.

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