The “Sorry I’m Late” Edition

Sorry I’m late today. I give myself until 3 to post, otherwise I go into “screw it” mode and get on with my day. I would’ve posted sooner, but I was waiting so anxiously for the name of the new prince as I had money riding on it. I didn’t win the bet, as I was pulling for a Spencer to be somewhere in the child’s names. C’est la vie. On that same note, “take that!” to everyone who gawked at my naming my baby George, I was apparently setting a trend without realizing it and now the most awaited and beloved heir to the throne shares his name. I was just a little ahead of my time. I think George is a name that’s going to make a comeback now, and I’m happy to say “first!”.

It’s an “all apologies” post today. Why do we say sorry? Because we feel bad or are expected to. Is there an expectation for apologies? It is, even if there is no real reason to apologize. I don’t apologize to my husband unless I’ve actually done something wrong, as I don’t think I should just say “sorry” just because. Now, people are probably asking how do I intend to stay married with that attitude? The answers are simple: one, I won’t do anything wrong where I’d have to apologize; and two, because he knew what he was getting into when he married me so if he suddenly doesn’t like it he shouldn’t have said “I do”. (I kid, we rarely fight enough to warrant anyone apologizing.)

With that said, there has been some heated debate on whether the very beloved Coach Belichick should apologize to Patriots fans everywhere and everyone else because he happened to coach a team where an alleged murder played for. Some people think that he should apologize, and I can’t say I’m one of them. He should apologize for being awful with the press, sure. He shouldn’t apologize because Hernandez murdered one or more people. Did Tomlin have to apologize when his quarterback may have sexual assaulted a woman? Did Harbaugh have to apologize when Ray Lewis was involved in a possible murder? Why do they get away with it and Belichick has to bow down and beg for forgiveness. Sure, he may or may not be an ass, but that’s his crime he should apologize for.

I don’t like it when people fake apologies. I think he did the right thing by extending his condolences to the family of the deceased, but he shouldn’t have to go much further than that barring even donations to whatever fund will no doubt be created in Lloyd’s honor. So let Hernandez go to jail for what he did and make him apologize for his sins and make him suffer if he refuses. /endrant

Inside the Life of Boston Fans

Prior to last night’s disaster of a game (looking at you Pats), a sportscaster said “with the Patriots first Super Bowl win with Brady started a trend of Boston teams being very successful and winning championships.” It’s true, our children are spoiled as the Boston teams we have now have an expectation to win because they have consistently won. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure to see all our sports teams succeed. Not sure about our soccer team or if they even exist, I don’t really care. Our children didn’t grow up with the sort of heartache that generations before us have.

Once in college, I had a bizarre and elderly history professor. He could’ve written much of the history companion book that came with our text book from living the history and not just studying it. He was an absurd man, but I remember a few things he distinctly said. One was a discussion of “don’t feel sorry for the slaves, they sold themselves into that mess. Feel sorry for the prejudice the Irish had to suffer in America, am I right?” ::looks at me, the only non-minority in the class:: That was awkward. But to the point, he also said at the beginning of the semester, while handing out the syllabus “Every year, I promise that if the Red Sox win the World Series, everyone will get an “A” on their final. I’m sad to say I can get away with saying this because they have never and probably will never win while I’m still alive.” The joke was on him, that was the year that the Red Sox came back from a 3-0 series in the playoffs to make it to the championship game and win the World Series for the first time since 1918.

Since that point, Boston has jumped up to be one of the most championship wins behind only New York. (If my research is accurate, I’m by no means a sports stats person.) Now when our teams have terrible seasons like last year’s baseball season with the Sox, our children are starting to truly understand what we went through as Boston fans growing up. To be so close to the Super Bowl only to fail so miserably in the conference championship or even making it to the Super Bowl and choking. They truly understand the morning after, where you want to hang your head lower or make yourself feel better by saying “well we made it further than most.” Or like me, watch Honey Boo Boo afterwards to make myself feel better because how can you not feel better by making fun of them. Well a nicer person than I probably wouldn’t, but seriously have you seen that show?

We’re spoiled sports fans in Boston with all the luck we’ve had this decade with wins across the important sports. But it’s really time for the morning after where we realize that we’re no “pink hatters” and we’ve lasted this long with our teams failing and supporting them through heartbreaking losses, why would we stop now? We don’t want to ruin the biggest thing we have going for us: us Boston fans are the most fiercely loyal fans in sports. If we can make it through Missin’ Sisson and every failed year with the Red Sox, we can survive anything.

The Big Game (pt.2)

Yesterday was the Super Bowl, and vengeance was not ours. Our team made very costly and stupid mistake, and the Giants were able to win again. Don’t worry, we can’t blame one person they all made stupid mistakes. Good thing I’m a Boston fan and remember when we never even made it to championship games, let alone win any of them. There’s always next year.

There was a bright side to the evening. If nothing else, I got to see Madonna nearly fall during her performance and laugh at some pretty funny commercials. The Naked M&M commercial and the Doritos commercials were my favorites. Tied at a close second, the ETrade speed dating commercials and the Skechers dog racing commercial. I will give a nice honorable mention to Betty White, who seems ageless and is always hilarious. I hope that woman never dies.

To keep this short and sweet, I’ll end it with this. While New England quietly drudges through their day, heads lowered as if our dignity died with our Super Bowl dreams. We need to remember one thing: For fans of the Boston teams that never won in our youth, we’ve been spoiled in recent times with each of our big sports teams coming home with championship titles. Winning seems to have spoiled us, and made us forget the lessons we grew up with: there’s always next year. That’s what we told ourselves constantly before, and that’s what should comfort us now.

The Big Game (Part One)

As you could easily gather about the title, today’s blog is part of a 2 part special dedicated to the Super Bowl. On Sunday my favorite team, the New England Patriots, get to replay the New York Giants for the very shiny Lombardi Trophy. Oh I can’t wait, though this game brings me sadness realizing the football season is over. That doesn’t make me very happy at all. This part is mainly focused on the game itself, while Part 2 (which will be on Monday) will take care of the silly stuff like hopefully bragging about a Patriots win and most importantly the commercials.

I’m not scared about losing because I think the Patriots are incapable of winning, but I am a little nervous going into this game. Firstly, they’ve been making really stupid mistakes. Such stupid mistakes that it took the Raven’s kicker failing to give us a win, and the same mistakes that let the Giants win last time we faced in a Super Bowl. The Giants defense scares me more than Manning does, by a lot. Our defense scares me too, but not in the “they’re going to crush someone” sense, but the “we’re going to make a few dumb penalties and give away the game” sense.

Maybe this was all part of a bigger plan they had. The optimist in me hopes that just maybe Belichick had this in his plan the whole time. “Okay guys, let’s make them think we’re good, just not that good. Then we eke out wins to make it to the Super Bowl. Then we can really actually play football!” Wishful thinking, I know but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

In the end, anything can happen at game time and the better team always prevails. The Boston fan community has been spoiled with all the wins our teams have given us, let’s be greedy and keep it up. I’d like little George or Lenore to be born into a Patriots Championship season. Do you magic boys, we’re crossing our fingers in between eating pizza cheering for you.