The “Sorry I’m Late” Edition

Sorry I’m late today. I give myself until 3 to post, otherwise I go into “screw it” mode and get on with my day. I would’ve posted sooner, but I was waiting so anxiously for the name of the new prince as I had money riding on it. I didn’t win the bet, as I was pulling for a Spencer to be somewhere in the child’s names. C’est la vie. On that same note, “take that!” to everyone who gawked at my naming my baby George, I was apparently setting a trend without realizing it and now the most awaited and beloved heir to the throne shares his name. I was just a little ahead of my time. I think George is a name that’s going to make a comeback now, and I’m happy to say “first!”.

It’s an “all apologies” post today. Why do we say sorry? Because we feel bad or are expected to. Is there an expectation for apologies? It is, even if there is no real reason to apologize. I don’t apologize to my husband unless I’ve actually done something wrong, as I don’t think I should just say “sorry” just because. Now, people are probably asking how do I intend to stay married with that attitude? The answers are simple: one, I won’t do anything wrong where I’d have to apologize; and two, because he knew what he was getting into when he married me so if he suddenly doesn’t like it he shouldn’t have said “I do”. (I kid, we rarely fight enough to warrant anyone apologizing.)

With that said, there has been some heated debate on whether the very beloved Coach Belichick should apologize to Patriots fans everywhere and everyone else because he happened to coach a team where an alleged murder played for. Some people think that he should apologize, and I can’t say I’m one of them. He should apologize for being awful with the press, sure. He shouldn’t apologize because Hernandez murdered one or more people. Did Tomlin have to apologize when his quarterback may have sexual assaulted a woman? Did Harbaugh have to apologize when Ray Lewis was involved in a possible murder? Why do they get away with it and Belichick has to bow down and beg for forgiveness. Sure, he may or may not be an ass, but that’s his crime he should apologize for.

I don’t like it when people fake apologies. I think he did the right thing by extending his condolences to the family of the deceased, but he shouldn’t have to go much further than that barring even donations to whatever fund will no doubt be created in Lloyd’s honor. So let Hernandez go to jail for what he did and make him apologize for his sins and make him suffer if he refuses. /endrant

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