No Morals, No Service

I don’t pretend I know anything  about being discriminated against. I am a straight white girl from suburbia. The most I’ve ever gotten picked on was for being pale, freckly, and dressing how I wanted to. That pales in comparison to actual discrimination. This doesn’t mean I can’t recognize blatant discrimination that seems to be unconstitutional. Now we’re facing a modern-day civil rights issue.

Instead of having separate facilities for whites and minorities, now we’re going to be watching separate facilities based on who you love. This might be an extreme vision of what might happen if this gets signed into law. (Also, as a side note: why does Arizona always end up passing these sorts of laws that get such media attention?) We’re envisioning something that might not even matter. Once this gets sent to the Supreme Court, it’s likely going to be overturned with the comparisons to the Civil Rights Act and just make a group of people too pissed off to even visit your state. All money is green… until it’s rainbow-colored? Wait, isn’t green a color on the rainbow?

What we are opening ourselves up to is a repeated history. If this is allowed to stay in place, what will stop racists to reopen “White Only” establishments? Then what about “Irish Need Not Apply” rules? How about separate Catholic, Mormon,  Muslim or Jewish facilities, because obviously we don’t want people of different faiths intermingling. This isn’t just an issue about whether or not you approve of homosexuality; it’s an issue if you think any breed of person can be discriminated. I don’t. And if you do, wait until you’re the one discriminated against and I hope you don’t complain because if it’s good enough for other people, it’s good enough for you.

This law is this can of worms waiting to revert us all back to the days before civil rights existed. We are giving a license to create second class citizens based on the way they were when they were born. Privilege will be about religion, sexual orientation, and race. If a so-called “gay establishment” opens up and sends me away because I’m straight, there would be an overwhelming amount of outrage. If you deny that fact, you’re lying to yourself. But somehow, allowing it to happen  the other way is acceptable because you call “religion”. Don’t use religion as an excuse for your hate. My religion tells me to love others. Hilariously, my religion is also the one these hate filled people call as their own. The real sin here is this discrimination, not that they are gay.

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