What’s in a Number?

Numbers don’t scare me. My weight doesn’t scare me. My pant size doesn’t scare me. Age doesn’t scare me. When I was in high school, I admit that I had thought that the minute you cross the 20’s threshold that something automatically changes. You suddenly have wrinkles, a sort of newfound wisdom and you miraculously turn into a mature adult. Numbers scared me back then.

Maybe it’s the fact that after having two boys that nothing is really too scary after that, except having two girls. 30 didn’t scare me. In fact when I woke up this morning, crossing that 20’s threshold into my 30’s nothing changed. I was still me. I had already matured as every parent should when they first have children. I looked in the mirror, and nothing changed. All that is different today is that I’m 30, and that is all.

I didn’t shudder at the thought of turning 30. The fear people have isn’t the number, it’s the uncertainty of what that number means. It’s the reality that we’re not teenagers that can do whatever we want whenever we want to. We have responsibilities. We now should be grown up enough to realize the world isn’t going to hand you everything like you’re a doe eyed teenager. It’s time to face the music that we are adults that have bills to pay and are responsible for our families.

30 isn’t the end of your life or youth. I don’t feel old and I certainly have a lot of life to live. In fact, now that I’m settled down with my husband and children, I can save money because our perfect date night means being at home with each other and our children. I don’t need to bar hop to have fun. A girl’s night out with my lovely ladies doesn’t mean getting smashed and dancing with strange men. I would dare say that even though I’ve only been 30 for a few hours that it’s actually pretty awesome in comparison to my 20’s. So to my female readers, turning 30 is ok. We’ve experienced much worse.

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