When Health Beliefs Conflict

Once upon a time, I wrote a blog here about vaccinations. I’m avidly pro-vaccination and think that more harm is done from not vaccinating your children than from getting the vaccine. I equate the people against vaccines to the people who choose their faith in God over modern medicine to help your child’s cancer go in remission. Not everything is in God’s hand. I’m sure he’s far too busy with worrying over the state of the world and people using his name to cause harm to others. That is the reality of it. Does that statement make you hate me? I wouldn’t bother reading on then, because if that offended you then the rest of what I have to say would probably not please you.

People should make educated decisions about their health and their family’s health. When I say educated though, I mean from reputable sources. This doesn’t mean research the sources that agree with you, it means reading everything. If you read only one news source, you are getting a biased report of only one author. You’ll have nothing to compare that too. You need this comparison to weed out the truths and biases. This applies to everything, not just health topics.

I wonder personally, how many anti-vaccination people use natural and herbal supplements. If the argument is that there is not enough evidence of the effectiveness and safety of vaccines, what makes the lack of evidence there more worthy of worry than the lack of studies on natural and herbal supplements. At least vaccines are tested and approved by health organizations and have to undergo strict testings before being put on the market. I could go to the bathroom in a bottle and pass it off as a magical herb to cure arthritis, and it wouldn’t have to be checked for safety or usefulness.

There is all these studies done on the effectiveness of breastmilk and they agree that it is the best for your baby. Now say I didn’t agree and started a viral “researched” article about how this was a giant conspiracy to make women into housewives that did nothing but nurse babies and cater to their husbands. Would I be accurate? Other anti-breatfeeding people could validate my arguments for no other reason than fuel the debate. There could be no truth to my statements and theories, but now they are all over the Internet passing themselves off as unequivocal facts and people would believe me without fact checking me. People read what they want to anyways and if it’s on the internet, it must be true. You can’t lie on the internet. Right?

98% of statistics are made on the spot. See, I just did. If you give you children herbal supplements and not vaccines, I personally believe you are a hypocrite. It’s all or nothing, folks. In fact, at the risk of sounding harsh maybe you shouldn’t trust chemotherapy or radiation for your sick child, because those are poisons being put in their bodies. There’s a reason why diseases that were basically non-existant are now back and killing children. Imagine if some moms back when polio was running rampant decided, “nah, I don’t think so”. It’s not just irresponsible, it’s selfish. My infant too young for vaccines could die because of your moral stance. And if situations were reversed, you would deem me an awful person because you had to bury your child because I didn’t feel like vaccinating mine. Consider those consequences.

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