I’m Back!

Which is more than I can say about our government. (Cue “Rimshot”) I wish I could say I was off on some exotic vacation or caught up in the Red Sox playoff fever or wallowing over the downfall of my beloved Patriots. I wish I could even say that I had some super important thing I needed to do rather than write this blog. However, it’s none of the above. The “mild” illness that picked off my boys one by one and left them ill for a couple of days hit him. And when it came my way, it must’ve multiplied by each person it hit before me. At first, I decided “you boys are wusses, I’ve got this” and when I kicked it in two days time I discovered it was a trick my immune system played on me. My cold left me wanting to sleep in the bathroom so I had less to walk to make it there. Well played, body, but I did proceed to lose 5 lbs without working out due to the “sickness” diet. But now I’m back and in fighting shape.

Well except for that now that I’m no longer sick with an illness attacking my immune system, I’m not being attacked by a virus I can’t seem to shake called, and pardon my language, “bullshit”. That’s right, I said it. I’m conflicted. I want to be upset with the government, not because they’re shutdown but because of what they shut down. Sure, we’ve discovered that there are some people who are unnecessary in the grand scheme of keeping up the government. But why is it that we’re paying millions of dollars for certain vanities for the politicians to enjoy when there are people suffering. We can’t find money to pay out benefits to soldiers or help WIC or Housing programs for people in need but they can find money to pay for the private barber shops and such for our politicians? They need haircuts, polished shoes and clean suits, but babies don’t need formula and families don’t need help to bury a soldier that died so they can have those “free” haircuts. Who decides what’s really necessary? I’m not sure what’s worse though: that people are suffering and don’t even know it or that no one can tell us how we’re really suffering?

You guys want to be babies, do it on your own time. The smart people are blaming both sides for this cluster of disaster. The Republicans seem to only want to postpone Obamacare, which on the surface doesn’t seem unreasonable until we discover that they will continue to use that as a bargaining chip every year until they can get rid of it and they think we’re too stupid to know that. The Democrats seem to only want to not give up anything, which works because people are only reporting that the Republican’s are at fault here. If America was truly smart, we would fire everyone in office and start from scratch. Not because I think that the people we elect in their place will be any better, but because it will show them that we’re America and we will decide not some snot nosed entitled politician with their own political aspirations that they care more about than the people who elect them. If we don’t re-elect any of them, we will send a message that we’re in charge, not the highest bidder.

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