The Blabbering Man

I can safely say that I predict a fun-filled presidential election coming up. Hell, I can say with such confidence that the 2014 elections are going to be full of awesome. Not because we’re suddenly hitting a group of politicians that actually care about us, but we’re hitting a group of politicians that are only concerned about being president. I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “but Brianne, they all want to be president. Why else would they go into politics?” Valid point, but some go in because they honestly think they can make a difference, but then money and power corrupt them and turn them into every other politician out there.

Case in point: Only a politician can go on for 21 hours rambling on. Good news, Sen. Cruz might have broken the “I’m going to talk my brains out forever because it’s not like senate gets anything done anyways” record. I’ll get back to you on that. Why did he go on? Some say because he made a promise to his constituents that he would end Obamacare and wanted to keep that promise. Sure, if that was the case why would he only start this crusade now and not the minute he was elected and sworn into office? My theory is that he’s more selfish than we’re giving him credit for. He wants the presidential spot in 2016 and thinks this is the way to do it. As much as people may or may not hate Obamacare, didn’t he learn anything from the 2012 election? We want laws that improve us, not someone to run on the sole focus of getting rid of a law.

Do you know who suffers in this case? Not the politicians. If the government shuts down, they still make their obscene overpaid wages. The average government worker is going to lose their jobs or wages or benefits. I think that if they want to shut down government, they should sacrifice their pay too. In fact, I think they should sacrifice their pay for the average person who would lose theirs as a result of their arrogance and lack of care. Only in the Utopian world in my head would this happen.

Instead of stopping a bill because you don’t like it and rambling on for hours about it, how about you decide to make how to make a difference in the world. You might have gotten elected on a platform to end a law, but that doesn’t mean that is your only job. You were voted in to make a difference. You were voted in because people were stupid enough to think that you were going to change the way things were going in Washington. Make that change and do something good for your constituents, not “do something good for your presidential run”.

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