And I’ve Done It Again

I’ve spent over a year mulling over my next publication. Would I finish my plays and put them in a collection? Or would I go back and compile all the miscellaneous writings from over the years that I could come across and put them in a collection of short stories and poetry? I decided on the latter, and I’m happy to say that I have complete it and it is posted. I regret that a short story I had written didn’t make the cut in this edition, mostly because I felt I was running out of time in my self-inflicted deadline to edit it properly. Next time it will be there, and I will be proud.

This takes me to my second e-book. Kindle publishing is a fantastic tool for writers trying to find their way in the writing world. It has gotten even better with their new “create your own cover” program. If you notice, now “Teagan” also has an actual cover now, which I’m more proud of than I was when I created my short story collection cover. The title of it is “Wondering What I Was Thinking: Short Story and Poetry Collection”. I doesn’t appear when you click the link on the side bar, so if you’re interested in purchasing it, just click the “see more from this author” link underneath “Teagan”. This collection is also $0.99 on Kindle e-books.

I have to say that I’m proud of it. It took more courage to publish that one than “Teagan”, because this one is more raw and personal. I reread it for a year, wondering if I should or not. I did anyways, because that’s what writing is all about. Some works were written in high school and the rest over a 10-year-period. It’s not a complete collection of everything, I have other pieces that didn’t make the cut for various reasons. Mostly, because they didn’t seem to fit in with this collection’s “vibe”. It doesn’t take away from my pride in the project, I think it gives me more to look forward to and an additional push to keep going with it. I do appreciate my supporters and the buyers of “Teagan”, because I have to say that if I didn’t sell anyone I wouldn’t have the courage to try again. So, thank you for that and the kind words of support. I’d also like to thank my blog and Hubpages viewers that have also given me the confidence to keep going. You guys also helped push me and I’m deeply grateful for you all.

One thought on “And I’ve Done It Again

  1. sunnyflynn says:

    Good job Brianne!! Tom and I will buy e-book and will read it.


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