Politics and Hypocrisy: A Joint Proposition?

I can’t understand politicians sometimes. Okay, it’s not just sometimes. Maybe it’s not the politicians’ fault. Maybe the blame falls entirely with the political process and ideals. Are they really flip-floppers or is it just that the stances they stand up for just contradict each other? This isn’t going to be a debate about whether or not certain topics are right or wrong, this isn’t about political parties or propaganda telling you that one set of beliefs are better than another. Everyone has the right to believe in whatever as long as they respect that in you. And having some factual evidence other than “because it’s a Democrat/Republican” view, because that really pisses me off. Nothing is right just because it goes with the party you register for, the whole “Party” system is a sham and shouldn’t exist because people don’t want to educate themselves on issues and not the letter next to a person’s name. (I still stand by what I said at election time too: get rid of the (R/D) next to the person’s name on the ballot and make people either chose on merit, or go in blind and kick themselves for “voting wrong” later. If you can’t be bothered to educate yourself before stepping into that poll box, you had it coming. This also isn’t a Sarah Palin bashing post, she just happens to be the example I used because I saw her in the news over the weekend give a speech.

Back to the main point. Over the weekend, they gave a snippet of her speech saying “the government is getting way too big and intruding into parts of our lives they shouldn’t be. I agree, the government is involved in our lives more than it should be. Turns out, that’s all we agree on. (I’ll get to that in a minute.) Who decides what line is “too intrusive”? What we eat? Who we love? What control do we have over our bodies and which does the government have right to? It’s all a bit confusing.

She believes abortion and gay marriage should not be legal. Wouldn’t those be intrusive and personal decisions that the government is overreaching into? What makes those intrusions less important than Mayor Bloomberg say, banning a Big Gulp? What’s that line? Because you can’t have it both ways. There’s no harm in letting people marry the person they love. And abortion is wrong because you’re playing God and murdering a living being? Then why is the death penalty acceptable? You’re playing God with that living being.

The moral of the story is political positions lack complete logical thought to me. Maybe it’s just me and I don’t fully understand the positions these political parties take. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and consider that I’m missing an important link here. But I think that the problem with politics is that these contradictory ideals makes them seem hypocritical.

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