Go Get Your Special Vote On.

Tomorrow in Massachusetts, we have a special election on who to replace the “Turd”. Wait, or was he the “D”? I’m not sure, South Park never really specified so I get confused. Either way, John Kerry has the highly coveted and non-controversial title of “Secretary of State”, leaving us with another special election. Last time this happened, Republican Scott Brown upset the favorite Democrat Martha Coakley. Will there be a repeat upset of Gomez over Markey? The excitement is brewing, I can’t wait to see that hockey game. Wait, I’m confused again. It’s an election, not a sporting event. Or… is it?

I kid. But who do we vote for? I watch the commercials and pegged Markey as an early winner, only based on the fact that the majority of people are easily swayed by television and I’ve only really seen Markey on TV. But his hair bothers me, he reminds me of Donald Trump. I don’t think I want to vote for him because of his hair. Then… then I saw a Gabriel Gomez commercial mocking Markey and I admit I laughed pretty hard at it. After seeing that commercial, the answer seems so simple. Go Gomez!

But seriously, I do go to Wikipedia to spell out the stances people have on issues because no one else seems to want to tell me what’s going on. I know, politicians flip-flop all the time but I want a basis here. So I look at Gomez’s positions, and he seems very similar to Scott Brown. Okay, I voted for Scott Brown so that might not be a bad place to start. Then, I look at Markey. Nothing.  What does he stand for? His ads just tell me he is a guy who’s served in Washington, D.C for way too many years where nothing got done and that Gabriel Gomez is a terrible person by using half soundbites for his purpose. Okay, I’m a Democrat and according to the rules of today I should stand behind Markey because “he’s my peeps”. I’m not sure I can. I’m not sure of anything political really.

So come tomorrow, what do I do? Do I vote for Gomez? Do I vote for Markey? Do I even bother voting and stay home and eat junk food while watching Criminal Minds I have DVR’ed on every channel that plays it? Does it even really matter who I vote for? Which one is less likely to be bought off to the highest bidder? I’m not entirely sure, I might suck it up and vote for Gomez because I like someone who says “just because I don’t believe it in, doesn’t mean it should be illegal”. Maybe I should pass, because who says he’ll keep that stand when actually put into office. What this comes down to is “which one of these people has my interests and the interests of Massachusetts in mind” when we vote tomorrow. Do we give a guy a chance, or do we allow a guy that’s failed us before stay there to fail us? (I’m basing this solely on the fact that neither party has done anything in our benefit.) I’m not sure, but I might say “screw it” and see if some new blood changes things. Then watch him lose re-election because he didn’t vote the way the party wanted him to so no one funded his re-election campaign because heaven forbid someone was actually watching out for the people they promised to help.

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