Dylanisms: Religion

As I learned from the first post about Dylanisms (see: www.bluishoblivion.com ), people like to hear funny “kids say the darndest things” stories. It’s true, children are a wealth of source of hilarious commentary. My life would be very boring if I didn’t have him. I laugh because he’s an adult in a miniature child’s body. As a fourth grader, he still gets mistaken as a kindergartener. He has learned to take this in stride and make up for his size by having a very large personality. And Dylan is nothing if not full of personality.

We’ve been watching The Bible, not because we’re a particularly religious family but as a family that enjoys “historical” miniseries. I use “historical” very very loosely here, because as I said we’re not a particularly religious family. Dylan opted to watch because Dylan  likes anything that most children don’t. Maybe he took an interest because of what he learns at CCD I thought. No, he just liked watching Samson “Hulk Smash” things.

This led my husband to start asking basic questions about religion, which Dylan couldn’t answer. My husband looked at me and said “well that’s $25 well spent. What do we send them there to learn if he doesn’t learn anything.” I laughed, and told him I sent him there because I had to, he has to. My husband glared at me, but realized there was no point in arguing. Eventually Bethlehem came up and I was hoping this would be our redeeming moment. Here’s what happened:

Me: “So who was born in Bethlehem?”

Dylan: “Um… I don’t know. Who?”

My husband chuckled and glared at me again. Me: “Seriously? Think Christmas”

Dylan: “Ooo I know this. Santa!”

My husband and I crack up laughing. Me: “I see your point about our wasted money”

Well if nothing else, I pay $25 a year for my son to be babysat for an hour a week. Moral of the story: For the price of cable and watching The Bible, I could save money from sending him to Catechism classes. One could state that God is sending our house a message, because this morning Dylan woke up with a bad cough, stuffy nose, and a fever. Well played.

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