And We Lived!

Six months ago today, I remember my husband rushing to get the trash bucket because rather than feeling an extreme amount of pain, I felt nothing but nauseous. It seemed no sooner than when I was done vomiting, a baby appeared magically. That’s not exactly how it worked, but I’m sure that graphically tamed edition is much less graphic than the actual encounter. I didn’t yell at my husband for convincing me this was a good idea, I probably would’ve considered it if I wasn’t so tired and he didn’t look so sick after watching the whole thing go down.

We lived a whole half a year. Now my husband is in familiar territory because when we first met what seemed like ages ago, my elder son was six months old. Now we’ve got this, and the fun can really begin. And by “the fun can really begin”, I really mean “we get to run around the house saying ‘Georgie, NO!” Then it looks like a tornado ran through the house: toys over every inch of the living room carpet, dog food tossed on the floor with the dog bowls thrown across the kitchen. Luckily the stairs are already blocked off because of our rambunctious little puppies. He enjoys sitting on the kitchen floor, smacking the metal dog bowls against the ground making music. He especially enjoys this while I make his food, looking at me for samples of whatever I blended up for him. I always do, it’s like watching a kid take the mixer attachment while licking brownie or cookie batter off of it.

The best, and the new ability that makes me the most nervous, is his “walking”. He loves that he learned that if he holds onto things to walk, he moves faster than when he crawls. What he doesn’t love is that when he lets go to try to go solo, he falls on nice pleasantly padded behind. But like I said before, at least he’s getting good at falling. I’m afraid I’m going to fall asleep while he’s playing and wake up to him toddling about the house while I yell that he’s too young and too small to be doing it. My husband doesn’t, he laughs and says “that’s my boy” while telling anyone who’ll listen that his boy is too smart for his own good. It’s true; both the boys are too smart for their own good. I know that I need to savor every moment of this, because they do grow up so fast. If you blink, they’ll be married with kids of their own.

Six months ago, a perfect addition was added to my family. I can’t believe it’s been this long already, it seems too soon. Every time I hold him to feed him the bottle, I wonder when he got to be so big. Sorry, not big. Tall. He’s a scrawny little guy, but he’s a tall one. (Anyone who knows my husband, does this sound familiar?) Next will be his big one year, where I know the best and worst are still yet to come. Life is short and it moves so fast. And anything can happen in the blink of an eye. It helps to keep everything in perspective though. There’s a lot of bad in the world, but there’s a lot of precious moments in it too. It’s hard to remember this after 4 practically sleepless nights, but you can’t spend the day in bed wishing for things to get better. If you do need to do that, maybe you should consider making things better. If not, then you should enjoy every precious moment you have, because it’s hard to tell when you won’t have them anymore.

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