Family Tree

To start today’s post I had a story about my family. Over the weekend, I finally decided it was time to splurge and get one of those fancy Teavana teapots. We did, bought some tea, and it was fun for my husband. It was like he was a kid, getting a toy he really wanted but never asked. In the process, the clerk offered me a sample of herbal tea. Being pregnant and unsure of what exactly was safe; I declined and stated that I was pregnant. His response? He looked at my husband and asked “is it yours?” Normally, I’d have a witty retort for this person, but I was too shocked someone would ask that. “Well gee, now that you mention it, I was just waiting for the right time.” It almost reminded me of a time my husband accompanied me to the doctor’s for my son, and the doctor looked at me uncertain and asked how tall the father was. When I said “Oh not much taller than me”, he looked at my husband and realized the foot difference between us. He finally let out a sigh of relief, not having to tell my husband that he wasn’t the father. (Because my husband is Asian, and my son isn’t so that was a subtle hint.) This isn’t the point of my blog today, I just felt like a story telling moment.

The point of the story is that I was reminded this weekend how much I love my boys and my future little one. If one of my children came to me and said “by the way, I think I’m gay”, I would love and accept them the same way I had before. As a parent, I think that you love your kids no matter what. Well, I admit if I had a serial killer for a son, I’d probably be a little less accepting of who they are. In general though, I think true parents love their kids unconditionally.

When I read about Kirk Cameron’s interview on the Piers Morgan show, I wasn’t shocked by him disagreeing with the idea of homosexuality since most radically religious people are. I don’t care that he’s “anti-gay”; if I did than what makes me better than him? You can’t preach acceptance for one belief system and not another. I don’t agree with him that gay people are unnatural and disgusting, I believe that thinking they are better than another person is wrong. My problem in the interview was the idea that someone who touts himself as a “good Christian” would ever not love his children for who they are. I think it’s unchristian to tell your kid you won’t love him if he’s gay. This is exactly why I don’t follow a religion. If you preach loving your neighbor, you shouldn’t in the same breath preach not accepting people for who they are.

I may not be a Christian, but I can love my friends and family for who they are. I accept them as people different from me, because it makes us better that way. I don’t need a religion to tell me what’s right or wrong, I had parents that raised me for that and a conscience of my own. Ok, a conscience of my own when I listen to it. I think before you start pushing your beliefs on other people, you should really listen to what you’re saying.

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