Go Take That Hard-Earned Vacation

It has been a long, terrible year for all of us. People barely left their house due to quarantining. Even if there wasn’t a mandate, I probably still would’ve stayed home as I would whenever it’s “sickness season”. I have a fairly weak immune system. An Irish immune system, if you will. Someone with a cold just looks at me and I’m down for a week. Being vaccinated has been freeing for someone like me because anything to reduce my chances of being sick makes me happy since I spend so much time being sick. Now that it’s safe to enjoy a weekend away, I’m going to enjoy that sweet sweet bubble bath and wine I have been dreaming of since the last time we went to this amazingly quaint hotel in the Berkshires. A place with a massive soaking tub, which I don’t get the benefit of at home.

Even though it’s not a flashy vacation spot, it’s my favorite place in the entire world. It’s peaceful and quiet. The beautiful mountain landscapes and quaint shops bring me such joy. It’s a place that puts me at ease. It’s a place where I can get away and really enjoy the moment. It will be the perfect place to refresh after this insane year that felt like it would never end. Even something as simple as enjoying a coffee (or wine. or both really) on the massive front porch of the main building seems like a dream. Everyone needs something like that right now. After months of juggling remote learning and trying to make things as fun as possible without really going anywhere. Without having the benefit of a babysitter to give you an hour of peace. It’s nice to be able to do something like this.

I’m going to go to a local bookstore and buy a new book or 3, which will definitely include Seth Rogen’s “Yearbook” and “Crying in H Mart”. I’m going to sit with my notebook and write or sketch. I’m going to make this the best 2 1/2 days that I have had in a long time. I’m going to make it productive creatively, to hopefully kickstart my brain into a new project or more. This quarantine has not been productive as far as my own work, because I’ve been compensating for losing so much paid work because the arts are expendable in times of crisis. My brain fog has been from spending so much time focused on using my creative power for other people’s projects that I haven’t been able to take the time for me. This weekend could very well be that time and I could not be happier for it.

Take a hard-earned vacation for yourself. Even if it’s going nowhere. Even if it’s camping in the backyard. (Just watch out for bears, if you do.) Just the change of scenery is going to work wonders for you. Sometimes it’s just good to put things on pause and refresh your brain. I’m not someone who should preach about self-care and the importance of that because I don’t usually prioritize myself on the regular. But every now and then, a nice, quiet weekend away to the mountains or the beach can be so satisfying.

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