The New Healthy Journey Begins

I did document my weight loss, finally getting back to my weight after I had my youngest son. It took about a year, but I did go from the 200lbs at my pregnancy to my pre-pregnancy weight of 125lbs. It was seemingly easy, and without too many plateaus or hurdles. I maintained this weight loss probably until my youngest started preschool and I spent my time in and out of meetings, managing a baseball schedule that was a daily thing, eating convenience foods because there was really no time for much else. That tipped the scales, but things weren’t bad. Then, I had a medication switch and had to juggle even more hectic schedules. Add in stress eating, and here we are.

While I still haven’t crossed back over that 200lb. threshold, I still gained a lot of weight back. At first, with the new medicine, I tried to get back into things. But I was always tired and it seemed just looking at food made me gain. Weight gain as a side effect is never good, but that wasn’t the only reason. My husband would bring home fast food at lunch time. Everyone would just eat crap food. It’s easy to fall back when it’s there all of the time. That’s why healthy eating really is a family sport.

But then it happened: my husband decided that we would go on this journey together. I had lost some weight thanks to switching back to my old medicine, which was great. We banned soda from the house, we found alternative snacks that would help us get those hunger pangs without a lot of calories. It’s been only a week and I’m already down 2 pounds. I’m proud of that small progress. It would probably be better had my youngest not bruised my rib, making working out a little more difficult. It’s not a necessarily hard journey for me, if you keep things out of the house.

I don’t like a lot of awful things. I’m not a huge french fry person, I don’t really like baked goods, and I hate things that are too sweet. I stay away from chocolate, not a major fan of pasta. I do love buttered bread, garlic bread, ice cream, sour Skittles, and some chips. Those are my weaknesses. Iced tea is my weakness, though it’s still a much healthier option than a can of Coke. My biggest weakness is feeling stressed out and wanting to hide in my room with junk food. Fortunately I have kids, so that’s not always a possibility.

With a new calorie tracking app and a ban on crappy foods, I think I can do this again. Hopefully soon, my ribs will not feel like they are being stabbed and I can get back into workout mode. I’ve done this once, I can do it again.

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