Do We Really Want Change? Part 3 of This Election Series

Do we want to truly make America great again? This is a valid question that we need to really ask ourselves this election season. This upcoming election has a lot of serious implications. There are going to be a few Supreme Court seats up likely during the term of the next president, including the currently vacant one that will not get filled before the election because politicians only seem to care about screwing the other side over, ignoring the fact that potentially nothing in the Supreme Court will be decided because there is a tie right now. We could likely elect a criminal or a toddler businessman, both prospects that should bother the American people but surprisingly doesn’t. Too bad there isn’t any other option. Or is there?

If we learned anything during the primaries, we learned that there is a political revolution that is going on. People obviously don’t want the same old, which is why Trump is going to end up the Republican nominee and Bernie nearly beat Hillary if not for the DNC being not very subtle about giving her the election. But in actuality, you are getting the same old with these two options. The political revolution ended and people are now giving up their dignity and America by voting along with their party. But what people seem to forget is that you have options. And if you truly wanted a political revolution, you would fight for it.

There are 3rd party candidates. I know, you are saying but a vote for <insert candidate of choice here> is a vote for Trump/Hillary (depending on which party you talk to). Sure, that’s true. That is until America regrows the balls that were responsible for dumping tea out and started the American Revolution. We have a chance now to join together and stand up for ourselves against these typical politicians. We have a chance to vote with our conscience and not back who we think is going to be the winner or a woman because we want to make history or because we registered as Republican/Democrat and that’s who we have to vote for. If enough people stand up and say “enough”, then we can finally have the change that we have been promised. But only we can be the change.

If you are going in and voting with one party because that’s what you always do, you are part of the problem. If you are voting solely based on gender or race, you are part of the problem. If you are voting for anything other than your conscience, you are the problem. I vote for people who I can stand behind. I voted for Scott Brown twice. I voted for Obama. I voted for Charlie Baker and Deval Patrick. I voted for a Republican mayor and a Democrat representative. I vote based on who I think is a better choice and one that I can say I believed in when I voted for them. I don’t care about the letter next to a person’s name; I care about their platform and what I think they can offer us. I cannot vote Hillary. I cannot go with Trump. However as a woman, people fought hard for my right to vote and while it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the electoral college, I still have to vote otherwise it seems a slap in the face to history. But, if enough people rebel and stand behind a 3rd party candidate, we will finally get the change that our country needs to get on the right foot again. That will be what makes America truly great again.

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