Do We Really Want Change? Part 3 of This Election Series

Do we want to truly make America great again? This is a valid question that we need to really ask ourselves this election season. This upcoming election has a lot of serious implications. There are going to be a few Supreme Court seats up likely during the term of the next president, including the currently vacant one that will not get filled before the election because politicians only seem to care about screwing the other side over, ignoring the fact that potentially nothing in the Supreme Court will be decided because there is a tie right now. We could likely elect a criminal or a toddler businessman, both prospects that should bother the American people but surprisingly doesn’t. Too bad there isn’t any other option. Or is there?

If we learned anything during the primaries, we learned that there is a political revolution that is going on. People obviously don’t want the same old, which is why Trump is going to end up the Republican nominee and Bernie nearly beat Hillary if not for the DNC being not very subtle about giving her the election. But in actuality, you are getting the same old with these two options. The political revolution ended and people are now giving up their dignity and America by voting along with their party. But what people seem to forget is that you have options. And if you truly wanted a political revolution, you would fight for it.

There are 3rd party candidates. I know, you are saying but a vote for <insert candidate of choice here> is a vote for Trump/Hillary (depending on which party you talk to). Sure, that’s true. That is until America regrows the balls that were responsible for dumping tea out and started the American Revolution. We have a chance now to join together and stand up for ourselves against these typical politicians. We have a chance to vote with our conscience and not back who we think is going to be the winner or a woman because we want to make history or because we registered as Republican/Democrat and that’s who we have to vote for. If enough people stand up and say “enough”, then we can finally have the change that we have been promised. But only we can be the change.

If you are going in and voting with one party because that’s what you always do, you are part of the problem. If you are voting solely based on gender or race, you are part of the problem. If you are voting for anything other than your conscience, you are the problem. I vote for people who I can stand behind. I voted for Scott Brown twice. I voted for Obama. I voted for Charlie Baker and Deval Patrick. I voted for a Republican mayor and a Democrat representative. I vote based on who I think is a better choice and one that I can say I believed in when I voted for them. I don’t care about the letter next to a person’s name; I care about their platform and what I think they can offer us. I cannot vote Hillary. I cannot go with Trump. However as a woman, people fought hard for my right to vote and while it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of the electoral college, I still have to vote otherwise it seems a slap in the face to history. But, if enough people rebel and stand behind a 3rd party candidate, we will finally get the change that our country needs to get on the right foot again. That will be what makes America truly great again.

Is Hillary a Criminal? Part 2 of This Election Cycle

We do want to see change. We do want to make history. We want to show that we are a progressive and awesome country.  We are America, after all. But is Hillary Clinton really our answer? Is she the knight in ugly pantsuit that is going to save the day? If you listen to some, she is the second coming of Christ. If you listen to others, she is a criminal. You also get the media coverage of just how awful her stylist is, which is something that shows how truly un-progressive and sexist some of our media actually is. Hit her on whether she is a criminal or a liar and not because that one blue outfit made her look like the Cookie Monster. This is politics, not an episode of “What Not to Wear”. /end rant.

Now, back to the original topic. Do I think that Hillary Clinton is a criminal? Without a doubt in my mind. While Trump may be a man of little morals or ethics, that is not unlike any other politician out there. However morally bankrupt he is, he is not a criminal. Hillary Clinton is. I’m not some dumb Republican zombie that is blind and only listens to Fox News, though I do admit a fondness for Shep Smith. I’m a logical person that sees facts. If you look at those, you clearly know that she did something illegal. And you clearly know that she is going to get away with it.

Why is she going to get away with it? Is it because she has the Clinton name and people love a dynasty? No. It’s because the Democratic party is so desperate to be the first party to seat a female president to solidify them as the equal rights and progressive party that they are willing to sweep this very big issue under the Oval Office’s carpet. They already proved a willingness to rig the election to put her on the ticket over a more qualified old white man, why wouldn’t they just smear the Republican party for making a mountain over emails?

What’s scary is that their willingness to talk away the severity of this issue means that it will happen again. Only next time, she could be president with a much higher level of security when she does. And then she could be very easily hacked, and all of our most delicate state secrets will be released. This is a big issue and the fact that so many people are so blinded by party loyalty or the prospect of the first female president that they are ignoring what all of this actually means. I say this as a person who voted for President Obama in the last election.

Is she really the best we can do? If you wanted to put a female up there, is that really the best we have to offer? I can’t do it. I cannot bring myself to vote for her because it’s wrong. It’s wrong to willingly vote for a criminal and that pains me because there is the implications of having a prospective 3 seats coming up in the next few years and I don’t want to see a reversal of legalizing gay marriage. I don’t want to see a reversal of Roe Vs. Wade. And most importantly, I want to see the transgender community get the equality they deserve and I worry that won’t happen with a Republican in office. I worry this progress all goes away, and that makes me sad. Because I cannot vote for Hillary. I just can’t do it. She is just as likely to be swayed with money as Trump is. She is just as malleable when it comes to her ideas. But she did something very wrong, and she needs to be held accountable for this. Even if the FBI releases some sham of a statement on how not knowing you did something wrong is a viable defense. Keep that in mind next time you do something illegal and see how far that gets you without the backing of some very important people.

Trump: Addressing His Controversies and Misconceptions

After a long absence due to being busy with freelance work, I have finally had time to come back to my true love of writing what I want to say. What better topic to jump into than this controversial candidate. This is a part of a 3 part post about the upcoming election. So let’s dive right in on this topic.

Do I think Donald Trump is a Racist? No, I really don’t. I think he’s a shrewd businessman that is smart and knows his audience. While I also don’t believe that the Republican party is on a whole is racist, it would be foolish to ignore that there are a shocking amount of xenophobic and racist followers of this party. Those are the ones he is pandering to with his statements. In fact, his entire platform is a pandering to the Republican constituents, which should make you wary of this choice. You may think you are going to get a guy who is going to get rid of all of the Muslim and Mexican population in America, but you will be sorely disappointed in what you actually get.

The only real true part of Donald Trump that you are going to get is the one you see throwing tantrums and hurling insults on social media. You are going to get the Trump that uses his soap box as a platform to humiliate anyone who dares to disagree with him. You are going to get the guy that is really smart about this topic, so very very smart that he has all of the answers without actually answering anything but you will be very very happy with what you get. He promises that you will be very very impressed.

What you will get is a liberal in disguise. After all of his years donating to Democratic candidates, you can’t suddenly put another label on yourself and honestly think people aren’t going to question it. You are going to get a smart business man that has had his own very public controversies and failures in business that shows maybe he isn’t as awesome as he leads us to believe. You are going to get a guy that is probably not going to do a single thing that he promised, which is actually par for the course for any politician really.

I can’t do it. I cannot stand by a candidate that makes a tweet that would make a selfie obsessed and immature or angsty teenager seem like a rational human being. I can’t vote for a guy who might tweet out “I hope the view up my butt is nice, Putin” or “That Angela Merkel is one very ugly broad”. I take him as seriously as I take my pouty teenager when he gets whiny about doing the dishes. Most importantly, I cannot stand behind a candidate who doesn’t really seem to have any platform, wavering in the direction of the polls. I can’t do it. That is my slogan for this year’s election.

If you think I’m for Hillary then, you’d be wrong. Come back Wednesday to see.