Through the Weekend of Events

As the weather cools outside, I just want to cuddle up with a nice tea and focus on my writing. However, last time I attempted this my precious toddler nearly spilled it all over the place in a possible attempt to burn the both of us. Instead, I will drink this ice-cold water in an attempt to pretend it is anything but water. Now, to focus on a weekend of news and noteworthy mentions.

Ebola has still only killed one American on American soil. Until that number gets to at least 10, how about we cool the horses and stop the panic. Travel bans will not help, because we do not have authority over telling the countries that are actually suffering an outbreak to stop flights. Which means even if we stop flights to those places, people can still come in. Unless I’m missing something, which you can feel free to inform me of it. I like Shep Smith, and I have always stated my love for him. If you have not seen it where he said “if you’re concerned about getting sick and dying, get a flu shot because the flu has killed more people”, check it out immediately. He is 100% right, like most other situations. So news, stop spreading panic and focus on something that is actually beneficial to us.

Michelle Knight, who seems to be forever known as one of the girls that Ariel Castro kidnapped and repeatedly assaulted, seems to be getting some angry comments about forgiving her kidnapper and blaming his actions on a disease. While I do take some issue with allowing a person to let circumstances be a blame for their disgusting and appalling actions, hasn’t she been through enough? If she needs to forgive him to get closure and move on from the situation to go on and live a normal life, then don’t mock her for that. Some people need religion to make it through tough times, and no one blinks an eye. She mentions forgiving some now dead insignificant pile of dirt, and people are like “oh no, she crossed a line”. I actually admire her courage for coming out and speaking about those horrors. I admire her for being strong enough for forgiving someone who did such atrocious things to her and the others he had kidnapped. I wish I had that sort of enlightenment to forgive someone, because I’ve hated people for longer for obviously much less. Let her do what she needs to in order to move on with her life.

Elections are coming, so don’t forget to vote if that’s what you want to do. If not, don’t complain on the outcome. And try to remember not to be a jerk because someone disagrees with your politics. If you are, than you are the reason the political system is as awful as it is. If you do not bother to educate yourself on anything you are voting for, please don’t vote. You are probably the idiot that you are complaining about. Let’s talk about placing names on ballots without their political affiliation next to their names. If you go into the booth not knowing anything about any of the candidates, that’s kinda your fault and I hope that if you’re one of those people who only vote for one party, that you vote for the other on accident as a result. It’s your fault, and next time you should read something other than political propaganda sites. That “Obama Sucks” Facebook page you read doesn’t have the correct information on it anyways, and you’re an idiot for believing anything on there.

Finally, NaNoWriMo is starting very soon, and I’m very anxious for this. I have my story set and a few notations ready to go for starting. Ideally, I had wanted to start an outline which I think would have made this much easier than last year going in blind. Unfortunately with my freelancing duties in an attempt to earn money, has gotten in the way of that. Maybe I can get something quickly up by then. Probably not though. I can tell this one is going to be great, as my greatest cheerleader is actually very interested in the premise and story. He actually seems very excited to see what comes of it, and I this has helped me be more excited about it. I will unveil more details when November hits.

Thank you for visiting!

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