Then There Was the Dog?

Monday’s postings have become hard to accomplish. I wish I could use the excuse of Monday fatigue, but my son’s developmental specialist comes over and that occupies much of when I would normally publish this. Friday, I will do the Remodel: Kitchen addition, which was my favorite since that is really “my room” of the house. Until then, let’s talk about dogs.


My “forever puppy”.

When we first bought this house and moved in, we took our precious princess Zoey away from her buddy Tank. She didn’t seem bothered by it at all, until she realized that all she had for a playmate was a toddler. She likes being the center of attention, so we were forced to make a decision: get her some puppy friends or adopt a new member of our family. Finally it was decided to add to our growing family. With a puppy or dog, I’m not quite ready for another child in diapers yet. So the discussion was “what are we looking for?”. I’m a sucker for the “forever puppies” (my phrase for small dogs), like my Maltese-Shih Tzu mix Zoey. My husband, who has a good foot on my petite frame, loves black labs. Since we already had a forever puppy, I caved and decided to start our hunt for a black lab which we found one we loved. Only with my husband’s work schedule, it was adopted the very day we were going to make the trek to get him.

We considered getting on a wait list for one of the many local lab rescues to find one for us, but we felt a little guilty at the idea of adopting from so far away when there are ones that could be killed up here. That was not something that we wanted on our conscious. We decided to be less picky. We wanted a family dog, having one to take on runs with me would be awesome. We have a very nice sized yard, so we have plenty of room for one to just run free if he or she wanted to. We have the room and love to give to another furbaby, we just need to find the right one.

Yesterday, a new one was added on the site of our local shelter. She was younger than we wanted, but she looks so sad and adorable. She is a pointer mix. We’re hoping she doesn’t get nabbed us as quick, because we would love to meet her so we don’t miss another opportunity. We will continue this search and hope for being able to find the perfect dog to welcome into our new home. What better way to celebrate getting a new home than going broke for a puppy in need, right?

Remember that for your next furbaby addition. Shelters are full of sad little dogs that need love too. If you can’t find a specific breed and  you go elsewhere, don’t forget about them and donate your time or other things they might need so that they can continue to do the good service they give those dogs.

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