Sometimes With Houses, You Just Get Lucky

It’s incredible to think that we started searching for our first home at the end of April. If things go well, in 23 days time we will be signing papers and having keys handed to us. Even as short of a journey that we’ve had, it was enough to give me some stubborn grey hairs and stress that raising two boys didn’t even manage to do. If things don’t go well, we’ll have to wait 60 days before reapplying for a loan and hope that our son’s school lets him stay there.
I don’t want to think about that. I would rather focus on positive thoughts. The seller agreed on fixes, which was more than we thought.  We lucked out, especially since they added an “as is” clause last-minute on the contract as a “screw you” because they misunderstood how much we wanted for closing costs. I don’t know what our realtor did, but the fact she wiggled out of it for us was amazing. She did hint that she could take the seller’s very obviously newbie to the cleaners, and I think she did just that.
That was a huge weight off our shoulders. Now we have more money to spend on furnishing the household, and I can’t wait to start tag saling and hunting the thrift stores for our stuff. This means we are one step closer to getting into the house. Now we get to wait anxiously as we wait for the appraisal and loan approval. But the bank’s appraisal can’t be too far off from the city’s assessment, right? And we’re paying $30k less than the city’s assessment of the house’s worth. I’m pretty sure one of us is going to have a heart attack over this process.
We worked hard to get to this point in our lives. I want to believe that we deserve this because we’ve earned it. If nothing else, we deserve it because of the long list of things that have gone wrong in our lives and we took it like champs without complaints or asking “why?”. We’re ready to make this huge step in our lives and can’t wait until we can sit in our own living room with our own furniture and enjoying peace after all of this stress.

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