That’s So Gay

Did I grab your attention? How did that feel? Were you shocked or offended? Or were you just wondering what was “so gay” that I was talking about? I cringe every time I hear that because I’m guilty of feeling offended for others when I hear it. I wouldn’t say that anymore than I would say “that’s so straight” or “that’s so midget”. It’s more about common decency than anything else. I mostly just don’t understand why it’s even used. What makes an object gay? Are Q-tips gay because they are all the same laying together? After all isn’t that what gay is, 2 of the same gender laying together? God help the homophobes that buys anything in a package…

I know that last point is a bit of a stretch, but the point remains. Some things are wrong to say. People might argue “what’s wrong with saying that?”, but then become upset that someone had the audacity to say “that’s retarded”. What’s the difference? You’re still offending a group of people by equating them to something negative. The minute you take a group of people and turn them into a synonym for something you find stupid or strange, you’re wrong.

People can say “well before it was okay to say it”. Well at some point in history the dreaded “n” word was accepted, but try to say it now. Times change and we have to adapt to that change. Society changes with the tides and what’s acceptable changes just as often. You can either keep up, or get beat up in a bar because you said how hilarious a picture of African-Americans morphed into gorillas is.

They keep saying comments about the “PC police”. I admit some people cross a line of over sensitivity and seem like they are only doing it for attention, but is  it really our place to tell someone what should or shouldn’t offend them? I’m thick-skinned and hard to offend, that doesn’t mean nothing offends me and I shouldn’t be judged for that. That also means as much as I roll my eyes at some of things that offends people, it isn’t my place to judge them.

We have become a culture of “offended”. In watching the news there’s always some story about people being offended by something, even with the commentators who are offended by the offense keep discussing how offended they are. I actually think the overuse of the word “offended” has diminished the meaning of the word as much as the annoying overuse and misuse of the word “literally”. The world is being more oversensitive these days, but eventually rather than fighting about whether something is or isn’t offensive, find out why it is and accepted that you can’t please everyone but you can have common decency.

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