Keep After It

Sometimes I get lucky and I can write forever. I get ahead of my blog and Hubpages and get to try to enjoy myself. Most other times, I sit here staring at a screen hoping I get lucky and something will come to me. The rest of the time neither scenario works out well for me, and nothing ever comes. This is an unfortunate set of events that makes me hope that I’m in a slump that will end in 6 days time so I can accomplish my NaNoWriMo goal. I considered my rejected list of posts to do another “Rejected Blog”, but there’s only 2 sitting in that pile. One is just too boring to bother with and the other I’m just not quite ready to unleash yet. That leaves me here, where my mind has failed me.

I seem to come from a dying breed of people, there seems to be too few of us in my generation. I realize that this isn’t going to come easy, and I’m okay with that. I don’t want an easy solution or an easy way out. I want to work my butt off to succeed, because if I’m lucky enough to succeed I know it’ll be so very worth it. I want the feeling of being successful. I want the feeling of winning. I don’t want to be given my win; I want to earn every second of this joy of doing something that I want. I want the amazing feeling of knowing that I sold a ton of books and can watch my children’s dreams come true. I want the feeling that I taught my boys that working hard for your goals is the most rewarding thing we can possibly do. Sure, it’s easier to have things given to us. But it’s a hell of a lot sweeter to earn it yourself. I hope they’ll take that lesson and follow their dreams and be successful in them. That would end up being my greatest accomplishment.

People are their own worst enemies. People give up too easily. People are lazy and uninspired. I like to put my everything into everything I attempt. My father always told me not to go “half-ass”. If you’re going to do something, do it. My parents also instilled in me the need to work hard and accomplish my dreams. I was lucky that my parents always pushed me towards something, anything. I’m lucky that my husband is the same way as I am, so I have a partner that feels strongly in this ideal and that we want our children to be more successful in life than we are. We don’t give our oldest son free money, he earns it by depositing empty bottles and cans. I hope that I can make my children be the re-emergence of hardworking ideals. I hope that my time is coming, and I’ll gain a level of even mediocre success. I’m not greedy, even the equivalent of minimum wage level earnings will make me happy. But I’ll keep after it, because it’s worth it to work hard for something.

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