You Can Hit Rock Bottom…

Tomorrow marks 36 weeks of the pregnancy. The time flies no matter how much we like to think it moves so slowly. It only physically feels like it moves so slowly. Everything starts getting more complicated now. A few months ago the ability of sitting at a computer to play games became very difficult, recently putting shoes became difficult. Now even sitting here typing out a blog is becoming difficult, but we can move on anyways.

Sitting down isn’t easy anymore. You can’t get into a comfortable position, and if you can it’s impossible to stand up on your own from that position. Laying down to sleep or nap is awful because you can’t sleep and it’s difficult to get up or even something as simple as tossing and turning to get comfortable. I should be thankful I can still see over my growing stomach. Then you try to stand up and walk around because sitting is so miserable feeling, but you waddle for a minute before your legs and feet swell up beyond recognition. Then it becomes to uncomfortable to stay standing. There’s really no winning.

The biggest downside is now the obsessively hungry. More hungry than I have ever been in my life. I think if I really sat down to it, instead of the one jar of pickles, I could probably devour 2 or 3 jars. As if last night wasn’t bad enough that I devoured half a watermelon that my husband cut up for me, I notice the other uncut half is on my lap and I’ve resorted to eating it like a bowl of cereal. It’s an attractively hilarious sight. Just a pregnant woman with her half of a watermelon and a spoon. I think this is my rock bottom moment of pregnancy. It could be worse.

At this point in the pregnancy, I’m sure I’m not alone in any of these thoughts. Though I’m definitely hoping that I’m the only one who has resorted to eating a whole watermelon half uncut with a spoon, so glad I’m home alone so no one could see it. Somehow the visualization of it seems worse than making readers have the image of it. We have a bowling ball sized stomach that barely fits in anything and makes you look like someone who isn’t you. When we’re at this point, I think that we realize that we don’t care anymore. Nothing is going to make us feel less huge or more comfortable or more appealing to look at. So we should make the best of it and make ourselves happy by eating all the watermelon and pickles we want.

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