Random Thoughts from the Weekend

An eventful weekend always leads to this, a random post of things that happened since my Friday’s post. With all that said, a weekend round-up of events.

  • Oops, they did it again. The Red Sox made the World Series again, after coming back from one of the worst seasons in my recollection watching them. So, will they succeed? I don’t know, I hate baseball and following it makes me bored to tears. I only pay attention to my oldest son’s games because I’m a supportive mom and it’s my job. Regardless, go Sox? If for no other reason than I want to watch my television shows and with the World Series on, my shows are not. So let’s hope for a very swift win or a very swift loss. Preferably for a win, because I would suffer listen to them complaining about a loss until the next year.
  • The bad call heard around ESPN. What I’m about to say, might make me a very hated person. But the Patriots deserved that terribly bogus call. Was the call ridiculous? Oh absolutely. Could I say absolutely that cost the game? No way, the way they played cost them the game. People are saying “well that screwed up our chances to win”. I can say, with a little confidence, that I don’t think the penalty really mattered. First of all, if the Patriots didn’t play so god awful before hand that play wouldn’t have mattered. Secondly, with how terrible they played who’s to say that they wouldn’t even scored after that, and then let the Jets walk all over them and end up with a field goal anyways. Sure, that’s not a definitely and the Patriots could have surprised me. But then I’ll go back to my original point that if they didn’t fail so bad before, this wouldn’t matter.
  • My Next NaNoWriMo attempt. I almost didn’t want to attempt it a second time. I’m me, and I’m not a quitter. I know enough that it would nag at me if I didn’t attempt it again. I don’t like to quit, and I like failing even less. Maybe I’ll redeem myself, but maybe I’ll fail again. And if I do, I’ll try again. And again… and again. Until I win, because that’s the type of person I am. I’m not really afraid to fail again, because I know I’m stubborn enough not to give up. I don’t give up when my weight stalls, I don’t give up when it seems like there’s no hope. I am not a quitter. So next month, I’m going to stock up on coffee and creamers. I have stocked up on Post-Its and pens. I’ll go crazy, I’ll be sleepless, but I’m willing to risk that. It’s go time.

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