Keeping the Government out of Your Unmentionables?

I love commercials. I hate to admit this, but I do. Some commercials are funnier than the television shows we watch. I think that’s one of the reasons I love the Super Bowl so much: I get football, which I love, and hilariously awesome commercials. My oldest son is a big fan of commercials, and can often recite them. And he does recite them often. My toddler stops everything to watch commercials and Jeopardy! but doesn’t watch television otherwise. I think that they get it from me. Maybe it’s because commercials are so short and I have an admittedly short attention span.

Then I see this: They’re right. We shouldn’t let the government play doctor. If the Republicans tell us we don’t want Obamacare because they shouldn’t have the right to tell us about our medical care, why do they want to tell women that they can’t have the right to choose or have access to Plan B? Those are medical decisions, right? How can you make a decision that the government can’t have a say in our medical choices but tell women they can’t have a say? What’s the difference? I’m looking at this in a logical and rational manner. Who decides what is a medical choice that the people should be free to make or what should be illegal? Is it because of the moral issues at hand?

I’m confused. Not really, I’m fully aware of what the logically right answer is. The answer is our government, and rightfully so, views us all as brainwashable zombies that they can mold us however they want. The liberal media is just as guilty as the conservative media for inciting anger and fear into its mindless drone fanbase. I’m not a mindless zombie; I’m an overly opinionated person who borders opinionated and bitchy. The answer is really staring us in the face: the government on both sides wants us to follow blindly and get outraged at the time. The Republican party wants the government to be limited, but only in everything else but allowing everyone the right to be married and for women to choose what they do with their uterus. The government should be limited but only limited to things they believe are morally acceptable, whether that infringes on personal freedoms or not.

The Democrats are equally guilty in this fear mongering. “The Republicans want to take away welfare and kick poor people while they’re down”. “The Republicans are going to gun everyone down and deport anyone with dark skin”. I don’t want to be associated with either party, because both are batshit crazy and think that everyone in America is a twit. I’m not a twit. I know a lot of people that aren’t twits. In fact, I wish the government spent half as much time as they do bickering with each other like toddlers fighting over a toy to figure out how to think logically. When our government gets their head out of their butts and actually think about the things they say and do, I think we’ll be at least a little better off.

We’re guilty parties to this as well. People do follow without consideration of what’s going on in front of us. Why didn’t they bend a guy over a table while he received a prostate exam instead of a female getting examined? We should really think about the information we’re being fed and be careful to make up our own minds. It’s easier to follow blindly, but I don’t like the easy way out. I won’t be told what to think by anyone, and you shouldn’t either. And, I’m going to have nightmares next time I’m at my gynecologist after seeing that commercial.

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