2 Years

Logging onto my blog today, I had no idea what to write about. I’m tired, and allergies are killing me. A notification appeared to tell me that I had hit my 2 year anniversary writing here. 2 years of me ranting about whatever I want. It doesn’t feel like 2 years, but I think as we get older we lose track of time a little bit. Okay, maybe we lose track a lot. This lead me to wonder, what about me has changed in 2 years? I constantly change something, as I’m a person that likes to mix it up. Out of boredom, I have been known to dye my hair blonde or try some hairstyle that leads me to staying home until it grows out. I like change, I hate the idea of staying the same. I bore very easily of things.

I had my second child since my blog started. I wrote 2 e-books, which are currently on sale if you click to the link on the side. and currently working on my 3rd. I’ve started a Hubpage, also with a link to the side, which is mildly successful in itself. I’ve been now married for 3 years, and my oldest son is about to have his last year of grade school. That’s how fast time flies. When I started this blog, I intended for something to help me get my thoughts out there and shared with people who needed to see someone felt the same way as they did about anything. I hoped that it would give me the confidence to work on something and publish it. I think I have been at least remotely successful in that aspect, and I realize slowly that I’ll just write whatever I want and if I offend you or upset you, that problem is with the reader and not the writer. I’ve decided not to censor myself as I feel that something gets lost and I would lose my own artistic integrity by spending time worrying about that sort of thing. I’m now confident enough to believe in myself and my words, and really that’s all that matters to me. I’ve always felt offense usually come from a personal issue in the reader anyways, as anything that offends me comes from something internally where I’m ashamed that it’s true about me or otherwise.

I won’t change, not this. I write about whatever topic comes in my head, whether one day it’s politics or one day it’s how I’m battling writer’s block. It changes daily with me, and it will continue to grow with me. I’m comfortable enough in my own skin in life, and it’s about time I’m comfortable with myself in my own words. This will help me push forward and go on with what I need to do in my writing. So for two years, I’d like to toast myself for sticking to my guns and beliefs and everything else. I’ll raise my bottle of water to that.

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