Let’s Rock This Joint

I hate benefit concerts. I want to watch, I really do, because it’s usually done for a great cause that needs help. But I can’t do it. I’d feel guilty about changing the channel off the acts that I find horrible just to see the maybe two or three bands that would interest me. Sometimes I DVR them and fast forward, sometimes I forget to even watch them after I DVR them because it’s not worth the effort of fast-forwarding through 5 and 1/2 hours of footage to watch maybe an hour of it. I like have the choice to do this. And it saddens me the on benefit I probably would’ve suffered through because “it’s my peeps”, didn’t give me the choice to.

I’m not the only one in Massachusetts wondering why they didn’t nationally televise the event. I’m not the only one in Massachusetts upset over it. I’m probably also not the only one in Massachusetts wondering what they were thinking with the promotion or anything else that was a huge “CF” as I would call it. (Adult language, if you don’t get it I won’t explain it. I’ll give you a hint: the “C” stands for “Cluster”.) I specifically mention Massachusetts and not New England because I wonder if anyone outside of Massachusetts even knew the event was going on. Great job raising $1 million, and awesome job not acknowledging a lot more would’ve been made to benefit the victims if it were nationally shown or at least regionally. How many people actually enjoy watching live streams on their computers?

Then you hear that Dane Cook blacked out his segment entirely to make sure his creative property was preserved for his next concert tour. There’s a joke in here about “what about the creative property he may or may not have stolen from other comedians?” but I won’t. But I do wonder if I knew he was still relevant. I don’t think I did, and I certainly was reminded that at least I wasn’t missing much when I did hear some jokes from the concert last night. Maybe he wasn’t so concerned about people seeing his routine before the concert as he was people realizing before they spent money  on his tour that he wasn’t really worth anything more than “free admission”. Maybe I’m bitter because I think that was in poor taste on his behalf, at least he admitted on Twitter he was being an ass. Maybe I’m just upset that the idea of the whole concert being a big secret may have affected how much money that might have been raised had it been more publicized.

I admit, I even forgot the concert was happening which I suppose just furthers the point of this being a poorly executed benefit. I wasn’t harmed by not seeing the concert, but imagine the help that people and businesses could have received from the benefit to rebuild their lives and property to get back to the everyday grind. They are the victims here, and that’s a horrible to say since that statement can be interpreted to say that they were victims twice in this. Maybe making a controversial comment like that could help light a fire under someone’s butt to get answers or something to remedy it. Maybe there needs to be a universal outrage to figure it out.

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