And Then, I took the Test

A while back, shortly after I found out I was pregnant, I had to get my prenatal testings done. Among those tests included a Cystic Fibrosis genetic test, which they pretty much told me you had to take. The downside was, they told me that they might have to fight for the insurance to cover it. I tried to get out of the test, but it was important they said. So, I took it. When they’re already taking 20 tubes of blood out of you, what’s one more?

Now, 3 months later I opened up a bill from a genetic testing lab. It was more than sticker shock when I was facing a bill that said $713. Oh, I stared for a while thinking, “that can’t possibly be right”. That’s like the $800 bill I received when my son had the doctor take a pair of tweezers and pull a kleenex out of his nose. I had to get something done, and I get to go broke doing it? It’s amazing to me why people would possibly complain about the state of the healthcare system. <insert eye roll and sarcastic tone.

They assured me when I was signed up for this test, that they would fight the insurance company for me. Unfortunately, they were closed when I got this bill. Hopefully on Monday, I can get this straightened out because that’s terrible. Luckily, I was blessed with a very short temper and a quick to argue personality, which my mother just attributes to me being a bitch. Case in point, a DJ doesn’t show up for my Jack and Jill, and I got the night free and a discount on my wedding. Maybe luck will be on my side and this will go away without my pocket crying, and without too many medical professionals crying. I rather like most of the people that work there, and would like to continue going there. So, I hope people fix the healthcare system, because this is one of probably millions of cases daily that happen because CEO’s of these companies would rather have their 6th Audi or Lexus than make sure we get the care we need.

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