I got a new phone yesterday, and it was a good moment for me. But in the store, I was completely lost. I don’t know what the specs mean, or why anyone would ever need a dual core processor in a phone. (Even more than that, I didn’t understand what a dual core was. Thanks techie husband!) Yeah, technology isn’t my thing. I wanted something simple; take pictures, video, and using the social networking aspects.

Upon entering the store, I became overwhelmed with information. I knew I loved my Droid Eris. I knew my husband and father are big into the Thunderbolt. I knew my mom and brother had the Incredible 2. (My family realized mine and my husband’s love for Droids, and couldn’t resist.)  I knew my friend who worked at a Verizon store said a Charge. The salesperson there mentioned the Bionic. I just sat there doe eyed, waiting for the cell phone fairy to come down and tell me what to do. I’m a writer, not a very tech-savvy person.

My husband was no help. He had his bias, and he knew it and he knew that I’d get mad at him trying to influence my decision. I knew I wanted a 4G phone. That’s really the only criteria I had. So I did what any person would do. I played with each of those phones. I played until I got a feel for each of them, and that was the only way I was going to decide. I don’t get influenced by what anyone else says, I’m far too stubborn for that. After a good 20 minutes playing with all the shiny new phones I could, the answer was clear. I had my mind-set and that was that, much like every other time I make up my mind.

Approaching the counter, part of me felt ashamed. I knew the look she’d give when I gave my answer. I knew what everyone’s response would be. I had finally had a lock in my head of the shiny new Bionic, new today in stores, or the Thunderbolt. Dramatic, yes, but the walk back to the counter seemed longer than the 5 second walk. My head was spinning, apps, processors… I didn’t know anything. It wasn’t like this was a life changing decision, it was a phone I’d have for only 2 years. It seems so silly to over think something so inane. But it was foolishly important to me.

“Have you made your choice?” She asked. She was a very nice woman.

“I’ll take a Thunderbolt,” I stated comfortable in my decision.

I saw her look. I knew it was coming. I knew when I celebrated on Facebook that people who bothered to read sat there with looks of awe at my womanly stupidity. I realized this, even before I said anything. But I had valid reasons for my choice. I loved my Eris, I loved Sense. It was easy to use, and not to sound like a “stupid girl”, it wasn’t blocky and awkward looking that the Bionic was. I chose what I was familiar with.

Familiarity is something we all stick to. We follow the same routine day-to-day, simply because it’s something we’re familiar with. We’re all guilty of sticking to the same brands for items we commonly use. Cell phones are the same way. You have a person that sticks with the iPhone because it’s something that’s comfortable to them. Why should anyone feel guilty for that? I sure don’t. And, like I said yesterday, I regret nothing. I’m happy with my choice; it serves its purpose for me. Sometimes, it’s just good to stick with something you know and was something you had trust in.

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