What’s Your Favorite Show?

It’s fall. Fall brings the new year of school. The leaves are falling, soon will be Halloween. I love fall so much that I even got married in fall. But do you know what else happens in fall? Oh yes, the television premieres. And of course, football season!

I love football. I grew up the youngest sibling with 3 brothers, watching sports and playing them was something I really just always knew. Watching football is exciting, there’s always something going on. When I watch baseball, nothing happens but me falling asleep of boredom. I wouldn’t involve myself in fantasy football; the purist in me thinks it ruins the game. Instead of watching your team, the one you’re so loyal to and follow religiously, you spend your time looking at stats and to see who you need to sit the following week. No, I just like to watch it. I enjoy sitting around with my family, eating food that’s bad for you and cheering and booing loudly. That’s what fall and football are about. (Go Pats!)

Then there are the television shows. It becomes sad when you revolve the nighttime around your television shows and your DVR. But this is the reality I’m sure a lot of us live these days. Though my favorite show doesn’t start until next spring (yay Game of Thrones), I still highly enjoy most of the ones returning and I’m excited about some new ones coming. Television is a staple in most households, mine included.

Why is television as important as it is though? I like to watch television because I like how mindless it’s capable  of being, or how thought-provoking it is. In some weird way, it also has a family sitting together watching something and talking about it. At least it gets family talking to each other. It’s not always about sitting alone, eating chips and candy gaining a ton of weight from lack of exercise. It’s good to have something, anything, to bond with your family over.

I’m by no means saying you should lock up your entire family all day long to watch television together. But having a nightly tradition of watching a show or two with your family isn’t such a bad thing. What I am saying is that sometimes anything you can do to converse with your family is something you should do. In a lot of families, they don’t have the liberty of sitting down with each other. I think you need to find whatever way you can to get your loved ones to sit together to form that family bond that we see preached all the time. The worst that can happen is *gasp* you all find something you can agree on and enjoy together.

One thought on “What’s Your Favorite Show?

  1. neeksnagel says:

    I agree! There are a few shows (and only a few) that my daughter and I can agree on, and we love to watch them together!


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