Trump: Addressing His Controversies and Misconceptions

After a long absence due to being busy with freelance work, I have finally had time to come back to my true love of writing what I want to say. What better topic to jump into than this controversial candidate. This is a part of a 3 part post about the upcoming election. So let’s dive right in on this topic.

Do I think Donald Trump is a Racist? No, I really don’t. I think he’s a shrewd businessman that is smart and knows his audience. While I also don’t believe that the Republican party is on a whole is racist, it would be foolish to ignore that there are a shocking amount of xenophobic and racist followers of this party. Those are the ones he is pandering to with his statements. In fact, his entire platform is a pandering to the Republican constituents, which should make you wary of this choice. You may think you are going to get a guy who is going to get rid of all of the Muslim and Mexican population in America, but you will be sorely disappointed in what you actually get.

The only real true part of Donald Trump that you are going to get is the one you see throwing tantrums and hurling insults on social media. You are going to get the Trump that uses his soap box as a platform to humiliate anyone who dares to disagree with him. You are going to get the guy that is really smart about this topic, so very very smart that he has all of the answers without actually answering anything but you will be very very happy with what you get. He promises that you will be very very impressed.

What you will get is a liberal in disguise. After all of his years donating to Democratic candidates, you can’t suddenly put another label on yourself and honestly think people aren’t going to question it. You are going to get a smart business man that has had his own very public controversies and failures in business that shows maybe he isn’t as awesome as he leads us to believe. You are going to get a guy that is probably not going to do a single thing that he promised, which is actually par for the course for any politician really.

I can’t do it. I cannot stand by a candidate that makes a tweet that would make a selfie obsessed and immature or angsty teenager seem like a rational human being. I can’t vote for a guy who might tweet out “I hope the view up my butt is nice, Putin” or “That Angela Merkel is one very ugly broad”. I take him as seriously as I take my pouty teenager when he gets whiny about doing the dishes. Most importantly, I cannot stand behind a candidate who doesn’t really seem to have any platform, wavering in the direction of the polls. I can’t do it. That is my slogan for this year’s election.

If you think I’m for Hillary then, you’d be wrong. Come back Wednesday to see.

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