It’s Been a While, Random Rantings

Random Rantings is a segment on this blog where I briefly discuss thoughts and topics that do not warrant a longer 500 words or more post. Today, here is a look at some topics from various subjects that I just felt like talking about so feel free to bring in your own thoughts here.

You Have a Memo, I Have a Memo, We All Have MEMOS!



That’s right. It’s like Oprah in here right now. I read the Republican memo and then I realized that it was just one guy writing his thoughts like it was the law of the land that we should all obey. If it were that simple, maybe I should say that my blog matters and will really be groundbreaking and everyone will just believe that I am right and awesome just because I said so. Is this really what we have come to today? Where a guy creates a memo that may or may not be factual and sends it out to be released as some sort of vindication? This concerns me. Is this a distraction because Mueller found something and they needed to pull something out of their behinds to distract us from it? Or is it just because people are upset that we were talking about the Super Bowl or the fact that the president may have cheated on his wife Melania. (Shocker, I know. What in his history would ever give us the impression that he would cheat on his wife? Except for every other time he has cheated on a wife…)

Now the Democrats want to release a memo, that in the grand scheme of things will be just as (ir)relevant as the Republican one was. If we really take a logical stand point here, ignoring party lines, are these unofficial documents worth more than the paper they are written on?  The answer is “no”. The memo is set to be decided by the president if he wants to release it, but he needs to. Because transparency. Because you can’t just allow one side of the aisle to do it and not the other. Because if you do let one side of the aisle do it and not the other, there’s a level of censorship there that we should be concerned with. Because if the president only wants us to see one side of things, other questions should be raised. Is there truth to it that he doesn’t want released? Is it just that his precious little ego will be hurt with its release? Does he just want to prove a point that American’s should only see things his way and not the whole picture? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then we have bigger issues to worry about.

The New Book

Now, I probably should have put this above the more controversial political commentary above, but I felt that was a bit more important. My latest work, “A Special Place for Noah”, is a piece that I am really excited for. The story is about a family who is trying to help their son overcome his speech delay. It is told in 3 different viewpoints: Callie, the mother; John, the father; and little Noah himself. I hope that people love it as much as I loved writing it. It is expected to be up for sale on Amazon in both eBook and paperback. You can pre-order now as well. Just visit my Author Page on Amazon, which is posted on the sidebar of this blog.

The Pretty Super Super Bowl

In what was one of the most exciting games in a long time in the NFL, my beloved Patriots fell to the Eagles. Why did this happen? How did a backup beat the GOAT? Well, there are a few simple answers to why it happened. You could point to the missed field goal and extra point by Stephen Gostkowski, though this would only account for 4 points. They lost by more than that. You could say it was because Cooks was taken out of the game for a head injury after a nasty hit. Sure, that hurt but Playoff Amendola was clutch and Gronk finally hit a groove where he was on fire. Here’s the hint: it wasn’t the offense that wasn’t doing their job.

Their defense was horrible. Horrendous. Any awful word that you could put there would be an accurate statement for what happened here. They could not stop anything. Nothing. Were those two touchdowns a little bit questionable? Sure, but I’m not well-versed in the rules even though the casters seemed to also think those were bad calls. But that was 2 touchdowns out of how many other times they scored. It didn’t matter. We couldn’t stop them anyways and I bet that the next plays would’ve ended up touchdowns anyways because of how awful they were playing. Did I mention that their defense was awful? Philly is a hard team. They were good. They were communicating and doing well. Why wasn’t Butler playing? His season may not have been his best this year, but he was always known for his clutch plays.

The better team won. There is nothing more to that. There was nothing controversial about it. The refs didn’t hand them the game. The Patriots didn’t give them the game. They won it and congrats to them. No salt here and I’m not even really mad about it. The Patriots got the loss they deserved and that was that. I love great games, even if my team loses.

The Stock Market

Yesterday the stock market eventually dropped a significant amount. Who’s to blame for this? It’s probably just the predicted market correction that we were told to watch out for despite other people saying “everything’s good”. Is it the president’s fault? Probably not. But just like I said when talking about President Obama taking victory laps when the economy was good, you can’t give the person the blame when it is bad and not give them credit when it is good. The same applies here. You can’t give President Trump the credit for the stocks doing well without giving him blame when they go down. That’s the nature of it. You cannot take credit when things are good without taking the blame when they aren’t. That’s not how it works. Should he have taken credit when it was good? I don’t think presidents really have the much to do with stocks going up or down, so no. But you cannot logically think that there isn’t some level of hypocrisy going on. “Of course the Dems are blaming him for the stock market dropping. They just want to see him fail. He’s not to blame. But he’s totally responsible when stocks are up.” It’s not logical. Both the left and right are guilty of this. Maybe we should all start using a bit of common sense, because then 90% of political arguments would never happen.


The Time Has Finally Come

“The Science of Suicide”, my NaNoWriMo achievement of this year has finally been completed. The side bar where it says “Where to Buy My Work” has been updated for a link to a website where you can buy a physical copy of the book. The other link, which leads you to my Amazon Author Page will also have a Kindle edition that is in the process of being published as we speak. Feel free to stalk the page for the Kindle version to appear.

“The Science of Suicide” is listed as a “Juvenile Fiction”, as it was originally aimed for a younger audience. However, I do believe that people of all ages may appreciate the themes of the book. I encourage you to check it out, in addition to check out my other books for sale on the Kindle.

The book is about different thoughts about suicide and why it happens. I hope that it addresses some thoughts others may have and have some points that others might find insightful. It was meant mostly for that, and I hope that conveys as I intended.

This book would absolutely not be possible without my husband and his constant lectures of “you’re too talent to just give up”, because I constantly wanted to give up during this entire process. He has always been my number 1 supporter and I could not love him more for it. He never insulted me, he gave me incredible advice as to the flow of the book, and if he was interested in reading it, I know that I have at least accomplished something.

I hope you all check out the book. You can follow my tweets for live updates on when the book will be available on the Kindle eBook store. Thank you guys for reading! Also thank you to NaNoWriMo for giving us writers a place of encouragement to keep going even when we don’t think we can anymore.

The Random Mix

I get most of my best ideas first thing in the morning for my blog. Unfortunately, most of the time I forget the before I get a chance to crawl out of bed and write it down. I should learn my lesson and keep one of my handy post-it’s next to my bed, but I never do. Someday. However, until that day I will supplement with a post that is full of random thoughts.

“The Science of Suicide”: My new novel, “The Science of Suicide”, is still in this long editing process. The process has barely begun, with other more pressing matters that I am unable to ignore. My hope is that I complete the process by the end of the week, even if that means no sleep or anything but my paid work and editing this novel. It will be a long one, especially since I gave up coffee as a result of how high the sugary flavoring I love so much costs calorie wise. Without caffeine and my other responsibilities, I bet I am going to be one cranky panda this week. I do have a deadline to meet, at the end of this month to turn in my novel for a contest for free editorial services. (Which is hilarious in itself, since I need to edit it before I can enter it because I do get a free printed copy of the book.) By entering there, and doing another, I should have 3 hard copies of this book, which is exciting for me. I hope that this all comes together well, and I will keep everyone posted. Until then, I do have 3 other ebooks waiting for readers on my Amazon Author Page. You can find the link on the sidebar, entitled “To Buy My Work”. It will lead you to my page.

NFL: I’m a huge Patriots fan. Huge. So huge, that the best gift in the world came from my husband this Christmas, when he bought me a Wilfork jersey. I was elated to wear it the first time. Being a Patriots fan, or rather being any Boston fan, requires a special level of a person. They have such roller coaster years, that you really need to be a strong individual to be a true fan. Otherwise, when you watch your team fall to a 14 pt deficit twice, you might freak out a little. Then with a little magic, things come together. This makes me a little nervous for next week. Denver, by all accounts, should have walked all over Indy. But in true Manning fashion, he choked. Indy won, and will play my beloved team next week. I have faith that we will win, as long as we learn to not play like we did last week. Let’s hope, though I do enjoy a nail biter. It makes the game far more interesting, and it’s more satisfying when you walk away with the win.

Tragedy and You: No one is safe from terrorism. No one is safe from tragedy. How we rise from them is what differentiates us from the bad guys. We could become hateful, and spread generalized hateful propaganda. Or, we could stand up for ourselves and identify the real problem and fight against it. Until that point, calling everyone with tanned skin a terrorist makes us just as guilty as they are. We can’t guarantee being safe from terrorism, but we can guarantee that we will stand up and fight to the death. Our freedoms are ours to keep, not theirs to take. I won’t let someone tell me what I can say. I am not afraid, and I stand with everyone else in supporting France at this time.

Game of Thrones: Seriously? It was bad enough you didn’t even nominate Peter Dinklage, which is a sin considering his absolutely incredible acting this season. But another year where it didn’t win for “Best Drama”? Game of Thrones is a show that seems to be incredibly underrated by these award show people, and they should be ashamed. I say that more love needs to be given to the fantasy genre in the same way that the Oscars need to recognize comedies more. It’s exclusion, and I thought you guys were all about “exclusion being bad”. Fix it. Especially since The Affair beat it. Really? That’s how this was going to go. At least Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were hilarious.

Feel free to share your thoughts about anything, even if it’s to tell me that my Patriots are going down. See you Wednesday.