The Random Mix

I get most of my best ideas first thing in the morning for my blog. Unfortunately, most of the time I forget the before I get a chance to crawl out of bed and write it down. I should learn my lesson and keep one of my handy post-it’s next to my bed, but I never do. Someday. However, until that day I will supplement with a post that is full of random thoughts.

“The Science of Suicide”: My new novel, “The Science of Suicide”, is still in this long editing process. The process has barely begun, with other more pressing matters that I am unable to ignore. My hope is that I complete the process by the end of the week, even if that means no sleep or anything but my paid work and editing this novel. It will be a long one, especially since I gave up coffee as a result of how high the sugary flavoring I love so much costs calorie wise. Without caffeine and my other responsibilities, I bet I am going to be one cranky panda this week. I do have a deadline to meet, at the end of this month to turn in my novel for a contest for free editorial services. (Which is hilarious in itself, since I need to edit it before I can enter it because I do get a free printed copy of the book.) By entering there, and doing another, I should have 3 hard copies of this book, which is exciting for me. I hope that this all comes together well, and I will keep everyone posted. Until then, I do have 3 other ebooks waiting for readers on my Amazon Author Page. You can find the link on the sidebar, entitled “To Buy My Work”. It will lead you to my page.

NFL: I’m a huge Patriots fan. Huge. So huge, that the best gift in the world came from my husband this Christmas, when he bought me a Wilfork jersey. I was elated to wear it the first time. Being a Patriots fan, or rather being any Boston fan, requires a special level of a person. They have such roller coaster years, that you really need to be a strong individual to be a true fan. Otherwise, when you watch your team fall to a 14 pt deficit twice, you might freak out a little. Then with a little magic, things come together. This makes me a little nervous for next week. Denver, by all accounts, should have walked all over Indy. But in true Manning fashion, he choked. Indy won, and will play my beloved team next week. I have faith that we will win, as long as we learn to not play like we did last week. Let’s hope, though I do enjoy a nail biter. It makes the game far more interesting, and it’s more satisfying when you walk away with the win.

Tragedy and You: No one is safe from terrorism. No one is safe from tragedy. How we rise from them is what differentiates us from the bad guys. We could become hateful, and spread generalized hateful propaganda. Or, we could stand up for ourselves and identify the real problem and fight against it. Until that point, calling everyone with tanned skin a terrorist makes us just as guilty as they are. We can’t guarantee being safe from terrorism, but we can guarantee that we will stand up and fight to the death. Our freedoms are ours to keep, not theirs to take. I won’t let someone tell me what I can say. I am not afraid, and I stand with everyone else in supporting France at this time.

Game of Thrones: Seriously? It was bad enough you didn’t even nominate Peter Dinklage, which is a sin considering his absolutely incredible acting this season. But another year where it didn’t win for “Best Drama”? Game of Thrones is a show that seems to be incredibly underrated by these award show people, and they should be ashamed. I say that more love needs to be given to the fantasy genre in the same way that the Oscars need to recognize comedies more. It’s exclusion, and I thought you guys were all about “exclusion being bad”. Fix it. Especially since The Affair beat it. Really? That’s how this was going to go. At least Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were hilarious.

Feel free to share your thoughts about anything, even if it’s to tell me that my Patriots are going down. See you Wednesday.

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