The New Project Grind

The post-it notes are starting to get a little insane right now. So many projects that I’d like to do but am getting a little overwhelmed at my to-do list. I have my comic that I have been planning to launch in mid-March or early April. I keep debating on whether or not I should do a podcast. This blog is growing, which is exciting. Then there are other novels and books in the works as well. The list seems never-ending and I have no idea where to begin. Then roadblocks keep coming up when I do. The struggle is real.

The first project on my to-do list is the launch of my comic, which honestly should have been a lot easier than it has been to launch. I had one software that I really enjoyed, but then lost the key during the move and can’t find the receipt to prove that I had purchased this item. (ClipStudio Paint, in case you’re wondering.) That was the software that I used for my first adventure in comics. Then I bought Comicado, which is no longer in development and doesn’t work well with my Surface. Maybe this weekend I’ll reinvest in another program or I’ll just figure out how to make due with the software I do have.

Then there is my podcast. I understand that podcasts can help bring traffic to my blog and that there is a real SEO marketing reasoning for having one. I have the equipment for it due to streaming, minus the audio software. Fortunately you can get some nice options for free. But what would I do it on? Would I focus on gaming subjects? Would I discuss parenting? Politics? Do I just cover a random assortment of rantings like I do here with my blog? What would you like to hear from a BluishOblivion podcast?

Finally, there are my book projects. I do have 2 ideas for children’s books that I feel deserve my attention. Then there is my failed NaNoWriMo attempt. I partially want to wait to finish that until next NaNoWriMo, to put another 50,000 words into it but I feel that would be too long. I think my priority will be my children’s books since “Dear Child” seemed to be the most popular of my books. But can I follow such a well-received book?

I’m having difficulty balancing the time with my freelancing gig and all of these projects, as well as family obligations. I’m having a hard time prioritizing these projects. So I ask my readers: which would you like to see? A potentially weekly comic on Wednesdays? A monthly podcast? Would you like me to work on my next book? I’ll let my readers help decide.

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