The New Projects in the Works

I have been keeping busy, with projects galore. It is a full-time job juggling 2 kids, trying to accomplish my work, and keeping up with other household chores. This has become increasingly difficult as my work load has doubled since this blog has started and my little angel has become a demon ahead of his terrible twos. I’m hoping that, aside from his speech, that since he was ahead of everything else that the terrible twos has come early to end early and I can be swiftly done with this. However, as any parent knows, that is wishful thinking and I just have to figure out the best approach to juggling everything while maintaining some sort of family time and sleep schedule. Luckily soon I can go on my yearly 2 or 3 day vacation, and still work. The joys of freelancing? Also, he learned how to open our fridge, and I have to spend 80% of my time working running yelling “no you can’t have that juice box because you keep purposely squeezing it out”. Unfortunately, ultimately giving into his want for the juice box did not help the temper tantrums and I need to mop all of my floors.

My first comic was published yesterday, there is a link on the side to it. With the original program I was using (Comicado), the artwork ended up pretty nicely done but since it was the free version I was unable to upload the finished products because of the file type it was saved as. I was unable to figure out if buying the full version, at $30. Then I heard that Manga Studio was the best program for this, only I really wanted to hit my new deadline for launching the comic and found out on Amazon I could purchase this for the same price as Comicado with the definite answer of file compatibility. So against my better judgement, I launched anyways, and hopefully the next one I will be better at the program to get the best product out as possible. Until then, it’ll be a learning curve for all of us.

Also, this Friday I will be turning in 7 articles to a new entertainment start-up website that has decided I was decent enough to put on staff as a contracted but independent writer. After a conference call with my new boss and a few of the other writers, I feel very confident in the direction the product is headed. When I have more details, I will be sure to share them with my followers on Facebook and Twitter. I hope this is a sign that things are heading in the right direction for me. Next up, maybe I can start marketing my 3 ebooks to start upping the sales there. Moving on up in the world!

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